AMAG Austria Metall AG: Solid half-year result despite continuing market weakness, especially in Europe

  • Higher aluminium price in Q2/2024 and broad positioning of the AMAG Group noticeably cushion subdued demand for aluminium rolled products from certain industries
  • Revenue of EUR 707.7 million down on the prior year due to price and volume factors (H1/2023: EUR 796.4 million)
  • EBITDA of EUR 95.3 million below the very strong first half of 2023 (EUR 117.8 million), but better than second half of 2023
  • Net income after taxes of EUR 33.4 million (H1/2023: EUR 51.0 million)
  • Cashflow from operating activities grows to EUR 75.7 million (H1/2023: EUR 68.0 million)
  • Outlook for 2024: Improved earnings forecast of EUR 160 million to 
  • EUR 180 million EBITDA, based on current assumptions regarding aluminium price, shipments and economic development
AluReport Issue 2 2024



50 issues from 2008 - 2024

The AluReport turns 50! To be precise, it has been 50 issues for 16 years. 

New: the AluReport can now also be subscribed to digitally!


Existing rooftop-PV plant to be doubled to around 120,000 square metres in partnership with Energie AG; annual energy production of 13.3 GWh for AMAG's own requirements

AMAG and ImWind conclude pioneering long-term power supply agreement from wind power

  • AMAG and ImWind conclude one of the largest Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) for renewable energy in Austria
  • At the Ranshofen site, 20 percent of the current annual electricity demand will be covered by wind power from ImWind in the future 
  • AMAG consistently continues its commitment to decarbonisation and a responsible value chain
  • Start of a long-term partnership between AMAG and the Lower Austrian wind power pioneer


  • Quarterly performance influenced by lower aluminium price and lower shipment volumes due to partly subdued incoming orders in Q4/2023
  • Revenue of EUR 335.8 million below the previous year's level due to price and volume factors (Q1/2023: EUR 404.8 million)
  • EBITDA of EUR 42.4 million above Q4/2023, but lower than in previous year’s quarter (Q1/2023: EUR 60.8 million)
  • Net income after taxes at EUR 13.3 million (Q1/2023: EUR 26.8 million)
  • Cash flow from operating activities of EUR 35.6 million at the previous year's level (Q1/2023: EUR 35.6 million)
  • Outlook for 2024: From today's perspective and assuming no significant global deterioration in the economic situation, full-year EBITDA is expected to be between EUR 150 million and EUR 180 million



  • AMAG honoured for the third time in a row for outstanding quality and delivery reliability ("Accredited Supplier Award")
  • Special awards in the areas of innovation and sustainability 
  • AMAG's strategic focus on innovation and sustainability confirmed


  • AMAG strengthens its position as a surface specialist with modern surface treatment line for high-quality aluminium surfaces
  • Products from the new plant for a wide range of applications in various industries
  • Digitalisation for quality, productivity and sustainability

AMAG Austria Metall AG: Unique set-up enabled good business performance in 2023

  • Rapid response to changes in the market and stable operating performance ensured a successful financial year for AMAG Group
  • Revenue of EUR 1,459.2 million after a record previous year (EUR 1,726.7 million)
  • EBITDA at EUR 188.4 million is the second-highest level in the company’s history (2022: EUR 247.1 million)
  • Solid net income after taxes of EUR 66.4 million (2022: EUR 109.3 million)
  • Significant increase in cash flow from operating activities of 110 % up to EUR 180.9 million (2022: EUR 86.1 million)
  • Proposed dividend of EUR 1.50 per share
  • Outlook 2024: Earnings forecast in the form of an EBITDA range premature due to uncertain market and economic development


  • AMAG signs largest multi-year contract with AUDI AG in the company's history 
  • Long-standing customer relationship is thereby strengthened and expanded 
  • Significant contribution to reducing the CO2 footprint by recycling of aluminum scrap material


  • Dr. Helmut Kaufmann will take over the position of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) from January 1, 2024, in addition to his function as COO
  • Claudia Trampitsch becomes CFO of AMAG Austria Metall AG from January 1, 2024
  • Stability at AMAG ensured by the new composition of the Management Board


  • AMAG receives SDG Award, Green Business Data Award, ALCAward, Effective Sustainability Communication Award and Best Business Award
  • Awards for commitment to sustainability, digitalisation and responsible corporate governance
  • Presentation of the awards in October 2023


  • Investment in state-of-the-art equipment for processing large-scale aviation components
  • Master plan for growth and increased efficiency at the two German AMAG components sites being implemented
  • Closing material loops as a contribution to achieving the sustainability goals of the aviation industry
AMAG CEO Gerald Mayer (©AMAG)


  • Departure on best terms after 16 years on the Management Board
  • Supervisory Board has started the process of finding a successor


  • Product and sector diversity as well as the interest held in the smelter in Canada secure solid earnings trend within a challenging environment 
  • Continued positive trend in demand from the aircraft sector; stable development in the automotive industry; sports and architectural products as well as industrial applications still at a low level
  • Revenue of EUR 1,142.8 million significantly exceeds EUR 1 billion level (Q1-Q3/2022: EUR 1,353.9 million)
  • EBITDA at EUR 166.0 million due to overall good performance in the operating divisions (Q1-Q3/2022: EUR 217.4 million)
  • Net income after taxes at a solid level of EUR 69.7 million (Q1-Q3/2022: EUR 106.7 million)
  • Significant growth in cash flow from operating activities to EUR 157.0 million (Q1-Q3/2022: EUR 40.5 million)
  • Guidance for FY 2023: EBITDA range between EUR 175 million and EUR 195 million


  • Award of the "Effective Sustainability Communication Award 2023" confirms the holistic sustainability communication of AMAG
  • Once again top rating in integrative understanding of sustainability
  • Award ceremony during the annual conference of the Cercle Investor Relations Austria (CIRA) in Vienna on 11.10.2023


  • Long-term safeguarding of supply volumes with increased market shares
  • AMAG rolled products are to be used in all Airbus aircraft families
  • Successful partnership between AMAG and Airbus since 1995


  • AMAG tops sustainability ranking with a superb result out of 39 aluminum companies evaluated worldwide
  • Evaluation in the categories Environment, Social and Corporate Governance
  • Sustainalytics evaluates 14,000 companies from 138 industries


The new special issue of AluReport is different from our regular three issues per year. This special issue shows how we implement our ESG criteria and what indispensable measures and efforts we are making for a greener future. 

"Everyone talks about this triad by which sustainability, ethical quality and the social impact of corporate action are assessed. So do we. Because talking helps - but is of course not enough on its own. That's why we asked ourselves: How do we as AMAG actually implement ESG criteria and what does it take to live these concepts on a daily basis? This special edition of the AMAG AluReport was created as a very individual answer. We are taking stock, reviewing and highlighting where and how we are taking concrete action along our unique AMAG value chain," says Gerald Mayer, CEO.


  • AMAG again receives JIS Mark Scheme certification („Japanese industrial standard“) for aluminum products according to JIS H 4000
  • JIS stands for highest quality and reliability
  • AMAG became the first European aluminum producer to be certified in 2020
  • In Japan, AMAG aluminum sheets and plates are mainly used in rail vehicles

AMAG Austria Metall AG: Successful first half-year with significant cash flow growth

  • Broad product portfolio, flexible order processing and rapid delivery capability ensured a successful first half of 2023. Demand significantly more subdued in some cases since the second quarter of 2023
  • Revenue of EUR 796.4 million following a record in the previous year (H1/2022: EUR 904.3 million)
  • EBITDA of EUR 117.8 million clearly reflects successful first half-year (H1/2022: EUR 156.5 million)
  • Net income after taxes again at an attractive level of EUR 51.0 million (H1/2022: EUR 78.4 million)
  • Significant growth in cash flow from operating activities to EUR 68.0 million (H1/2022: EUR -84.1 million)
  • Outlook for 2023: EBITDA between EUR 160 million and EUR 190 million assuming no unexpected significant deterioration in the economic situation and a continued stable aluminium price

AMAG's holistic approach to sustainability once again places it among global leaders in the industry

  • EcoVadis once again honors AMAG 2023 with the highest "Platinum" sta-tus
  • AMAG in the top one percent ("Top 1%") among global companies in the industry assessed by EcoVadis. 
  • This award is further confirmation of AMAG's holistic sustainability ap-proach

AMAG has again received the "Accredited Supplier" award from Airbus

  •  Airbus has once again presented AMAG with the highest of four quality 
  • At this level, AMAG is currently the only supplier of rolled products to have 
    received this award twice. 
  • Award for outstanding delivery reliability and product quality 
  • Successful partnership between AMAG and Airbus since 2005 

AMAG Austria Metall AG: Successful start to 2023

  • Solid order trend and positive operating performance enable very good start to 2023
  • Revenues up slightly to EUR 404.8 million (Q1/2022: EUR 399.0 million)
  • Strong EBITDA of EUR 60.8 million following record quarterly earnings in the previous year (Q1/2022: EUR 68.0 million) 
  • Net income after taxes of EUR 26.8 million again at a high level (Q1/2022: EUR 32.5 million)
  • Solid cash flow from operating activities of EUR 35.6 million (Q1/2022: EUR -130.3 million)
  • Outlook for 2023: Subject to continuing solid market and economic trends and secure energy supplies, from today’s perspective EBITDA of between EUR 170 million and EUR 210 million is expected for FY 2023


New revenue and earnings record in the financial year 2022

  • Successful track record continued and challenges met with high productivity and flexibility as well as stable production levels
  • Revenue significantly up by 37 % to EUR 1,726.7 million (2021: EUR 1,259.4 million)
  • Strong EBITDA increase of 33 % to EUR 247.1 million, with earnings growth in all operating divisions (2021: EUR 186.2 million)
  • Net income after taxes in the triple-digit range for the first time with an increase of +69 % to EUR 109.3 million (2021: EUR 64.6 million)
  • Cash flow from operating activities significantly up by around 90 % to EUR 86.1 million (2021: EUR 45.6 million)
  • Proposed dividend of EUR 1.50 per share
  • Outlook for 2023: Too early for earnings guidance due to uncertain market and economic outlook. Continued positive demand for aluminium products according to the CRU

Welcome to AMAG's new modern and sustainable homepage!

  • AMAG homepage presents itself in a new design
  • Sustainability through energy-saving representation
  • AMAG's industrial and product areas presented in a structured and clear layout

AMAG Austria Metall AG: Road to success continued in Q3 2022

• Significant revenue growth of 47 % to EUR 1,353.9 million (Q1-Q3/2021: EUR 923.8 million)
• EBITDA grows by 48 % to reach an all-time high of EUR 217.4 million (Q1-Q3/2021: EUR 146.5 million)
• Significant growth in net income after taxes of 87 % to reach EUR 106.7 million (Q1-Q3/2021: EUR 57.0 million)
•    Optimised product mix and very good use of existing plant and personnel capacities as well as stable production play a crucial role
• Further business performance is being increasingly affected by partially declining demand and a general slowdown in the market as well as by high energy prices
• Outlook for 2022: EBITDA between EUR 230 million and EUR 250 million based on current estimates for trends in shipment volumes and prices, and assuming stable energy supplies
• Continued solid growth expectation for aluminium products in the medium and long term*
*See CRU Aluminium Market Outlook, October 2022

AMAG once again recognised for outstanding sustainability reporting

• AMAG received the "Effective Sustainability Communicator Award 2022" for the second time
• AMAG achieves top scores in integrative understanding of sustainability in the ATX Prime Market and ranks second overall
• Ceremonial presentation of the award during the annual conference of the Cercle Investor Relations Austria (CIRA) on 12 October 2022 in Vienna.


AMAG received "Gem" for sustainable digitalisation

• Award for AMAG and ACP Cubido from ICT Austria for "Sustainable Digitalization" in the category "Data science“
• Combination of IT solution initiatives has led to very successful new developments and optimisations at AMAG
• Digitalisation and the circular economy are drivers of innovation for AMAG's profitable development

Award for AMAG with the Energy Globe Upper Austria 2022

  • AMAG receives Energy Globe Upper Austria in the "Fire" category for Austria's largest rooftop photovoltaic system
  • The award is a further endorsement of the holistic sustainability approach of AMAG

World first: AMAG and Audi put aluminium wheel made of recycled aluminium alloy into series production

  • AMAG developed globally unique, recycling-friendly alloy AlSi7.REC for wheels and wheel assemblies
  • Market launch for two Audi electric vehicles already completed
  • Product falls under the new CO2-optimised AMAG AL4®ever product family

AMAG Austria Metall AG: Highest half-year earnings in the company’s history

  • AMAG achieves record levels of revenue and earnings in the first half of 2022
  • Positive market environment, sustained high productivity as well as continuous product mix optimisation prove to be decisive factors
  • Significant revenue growth of around 50 % to...

AMAG and thyssenkrupp Aerospace extend their cooperation

  • AMAG signs six-month contract with thyssenkrupp Aerospace
  • Cooperation has existed since the beginning of AMAG's aviation history
  • thyssenkrupp Aerospace appreciates high recycled content in aluminium

AMAG expands Austria's largest rooftop photovoltaic plant

  •  Expansion of the existing rooftop photovoltaic system to 60,000 m² (equivalent to an area of 9 football fields)
  • Annual energy production of 7.3 GWh (energy requirement of around 2,000 households) for our own use
  • Further step taken towards AMAG's strategy of climate neutrality and climate-neutral production
  • Gradual expansion to around 120,000 square metres is planned

New AMAG AL4®ever product line with guaranteed low CO2 footprint

  • AMAG AL4®ever rolled and cast aluminium products stand for a guaranteed low specific footprint of less than four tons of CO2 per ton of aluminium produced. The star of the new AMAG AL4®ever star product line also guarantees a footprint of less than two tons of CO2 per ton of aluminium produced for selected applications. Compared to conventionally manufactured products of the same quality, this results in significant CO2 savings.

    Both AMAG AL4®ever categories are only achievable with

AMAG receives highest rating Platinum in the area of sustainability

  • EcoVadis now awards AMAG the highest status of platinum, following a gold rating in December 2020.
  • AMAG in the top one percent ("Top 1%") of the global companies assessed by EcoVadis in the industry.
  • Special emphasis was placed on performance in the areas of the environment, labour as well as human rights were highlighted
  • Award is confirmation of AMAG's holistic sustainability approach

AMAG once again awarded Vienna Stock Exchange Prize

  • AMAG in 3rd place in the "Mid Cap" category
  • Special recognition for reporting, investor relations activities, strategy and management
  • Fifth award since IPO (Initial public offering)

AMAG - Long Night of Research

AMAG: Exciting journey into the world of aluminium during the Long Night of Research


  • AMAG opens its new CMI research centre and Smart Factory to the public for the first time as part of the Long Night of Research.
  • More than 350 visitors are proof that research can inspire
  • Long Night of Research offered the opportunity to "take a closer look" at laboratories and fully automated processes in the Smart Factory and in production
  • AMAG employees and their families were able to enjoy the full programme in the afternoon.

AMAG Austria Metall AG: Record earnings in Q1 2022

  • Excellent start to 2022 with high uncertainties for the further course of the year
  • Revenues up 60 % to EUR 399.0 million (Q1/2021: EUR 251.2 million)
  • EBITDA of EUR 68.0 million more than doubled (Q1/2021: EUR 30.3 million)
  • Net income after taxes up around sixfold to EUR 32.5 million (Q1/2021: EUR 5.1 million)
  • Positive operating performance with high productivity at...

Major multi-year order received from Ruag Aerostructures

  • AMAG components signs multi-year contract to supply parts and components primarily for the Airbus A320
  • Long-standing customer relationship is deepened and expanded
  • Synergies due to a unique range of services offered by the AMAG Group, from raw materials to ready-to-install components, led to success
  • Significant contribution to reducing the carbon footprint through closed-loop recycling

AMAG supports additive manufacturing research at Graz University of Technology with high-tech plant

  • AMAG active in component production for 1.5 years following acquisition
  • Today's AMAG components is a specialist in mechanical processing and has been researching additive manufacturing since 2018/19
  • Donation of a state-of-the-art additive manufacturing system to TU Graz to promote research and education
  • Contract for donation signed at TU Graz on the 15th of March 2022

Record earnings in FY 2021 with shipment volumes returning to pre-crisis levels

  • Significant growth in revenue and earnings due to stable production, highproductivity and attractive market environment in the primary aluminiumsector
  • Revenue of EUR 1,259.4 million clearly above the previous year’s level dueto increased shipment volumes and high aluminium prices (2020:EUR 904.2 million)
  • EBITDA achieves significant growth of +72 % to EUR 186.2 million(2020: EUR 108.2 million)
  • Net income after taxes up almost sixfold to EUR 64.6 million (2020:EUR 11.1 million*)
  • Dividend proposal of...

Contracts of CEO Gerald Mayer and COO Helmut Kaufmann extended

  • Early extension of contracts of CEO Gerald Mayer and COO Helmut Kaufmann
  • Both have served on the AMAG Management Board since 2007
  • Continuity in growth course of AMAG Austria Metall AG thereby ensured

AMAG completes acquisition of German company Aircraft Philipp

After taking an initial stake in October 2020, AMAG Austria Metall AG is now acquiring
the remaining 30 percent of the German company Aircraft Philipp (ACP), based in
Übersee am Chiemsee. With this acquisition, it will be the sole owner from the turn of the
year. With the takeover complete, the company name will also change to AMAG

AMAG and B&C invest over one million EURO in the University of Leoben

  • Partnership agreement concluded for seven years
  • AMAG and B&C invest in the further expansion of aluminium research in Austria
  • Support for training top researchers

AMAG Austria Metall AG achieves record earnings in the first three quarters of 2021

  • Revenue significantly increased to EUR 923.8 million due to both higher shipment volumes and attractive aluminium price (Q1-Q3/2020: EUR 673.2 million)
  • EBITDA of EUR 146.5 million clearly above previous year (Q1-Q3/2020: EUR 79.8 million)
  • Net income after taxes up more than fivefold year-on-year to reach...

AMAG awarded for best sustainability reporting in the ATX Prime

  • AMAG is "Effective Sustainability Communicator 2021"
  • AMAG convinces with transparent and holistic sustainability reporting
  • Ceremonial handover of the award at the annual conference of the Cercle Investor Relations Austria (CIRA) on October 13th, 2021 in Vienna

Prolongation of the contract of Chief Sales Officer Victor Breguncci

  • Early contract renewal by another 4 years
  • Chief Sales Officer since June 2019
  • Core tasks: Strategic development of existing and new markets,
    optimization of product portfolio

AMAG presents path to climate neutrality and sets into operation Austria's largest rooftop photovoltaic system

  • AMAG is committed to Austria's climate goals and climate-neutral production in 2040
  • Increased recycling, energy efficiency and the replacement of fossil fuels are the key to achieving corporate goals
  • Politicians must ensure framework conditions for a stable supply of green energy at competitive prices in good time
  • Commissioning of Austria's largest rooftop photovoltaic system with 55,000 m² of collector area is another milestone on the way to AMAG's climate neutrality

AMAG Austria Metall AG reporting record earnings in H1/2021

  • AMAG emerged well prepared from the crisis and exploited the positive demand trend to increase shipment volumes across all divisions
  • Stable production with very good performance in occupational safety (TRIFR*: 0.28)
  • Revenue and earnings figures significantly above pre-crisis level
  • Revenue increased to...

AMAG supplies certified sustainable aluminium to Audi

  • First ASI-certified aluminium from AMAG used in Audi A6 Avant
  • First order for AMAG outer body sheets for the Audi A6 model series
  • AMAG and Audi are once again taking a collective step towards a sustainable future with the use of ASI materials.

AMAG: Project launched for Austria’s largest rooftop photovoltaic system

  • The project was launched on 21 April, 2021; completion is scheduled for Q4/2021
  • Largest rooftop photovoltaic system will supply around 6.7 GWh of electricity per year
  • The project is aligned with Austrian and European climate targets
  • The project’s progress can be followed via live webcam

AMAG Austria Metall AG reports positive earnings development in Q1 2021

  • Favourable market environment in all AMAG segments, with the exception of aircraft
  • Revenue increased to EUR 251.2 million (Q1 2020: EUR 246.4 million)
  • EBITDA of EUR 30.3 million after EUR 36.5 million in Q1 2020
  • Earnings’ contribution of approximately 11,000 tonnes of...

AMAG and Audi Hungaria collaborate to close the loop on aluminium recycling

  • Production waste generated at the Audi plant is re-processed into high-quality semi-finished aluminium products
  • Closed material cycle saves energy and resources
  • Ecological win-win situation for both parties

AMAG: Solid result in a year impacted by COVID

  • Revenue of EUR 904.2 million below prior-year level due to volume, mix and price factors (2019: EUR 1,066.0 million)
  • EBITDA of EUR 108.2 million in a challenging market environment (2019: EUR 143.0 million)
  • Successful adjustment of material and structural costs to capacity utilisation
  • Net income after taxes clearly positive at EUR 11.6 million (2019: EUR 38.6 million)
  • Cash flow from operating activities of...

Sustainability: AMAG receives certification in Gold

  • AMAG awarded Gold medal sustainability rating by EcoVadis
  • AMAG ranks among the top 2% in the industry
  • Experts highlight especially strong performance in environmental protection, labor rights and human rights


AMAG to build Austria’s largest rooftop photovoltaic system

AMAG is building the largest rooftop photovoltaic system in Austria across an area of 55,000 m² – roughly the size of eight soccer fields. The project represents an investment volume of several million euros. The PV system, which will be installed on the roofs of the new plant, will generate around 6 GWh of electricity per year. This is enough to cover the needs of roughly...

AMAG Austria Metall AG reports Q1-Q3/2020 EBITDA of EUR 79.8 million

  • EBITDA of EUR 79.8 million compared with EUR 109.2 million in the first three quarters of the previous year
  • Positive earnings trend in Metal Division mitigates COVID-19 effects in area of recycled cast alloys and aluminium rolled products
  • Structural costs successfully adapted to capacity utilisation. Short-time working as a supportive measure in this context
  • Net income after taxes currently at...

AMAG receives ASI certification for comprehensive sustainability activities

  • Certification against ASI Chain of Custody Standard broadens AMAG’s sustainability efforts towards including the supply chain
  • AMAG ready to offer certified aluminium to customers as another cornerstone in AMAG’s specialties portfolio
  • Certified against ASI Performance Standard since 2018
  • Sustainability is an essential pillar of AMAG’s strategy

AMAG acquires majority share of the German Aircraft Philipp Group

  • Acquisition of 70 % share of the Aircraft Philipp Group (ACP) headquartered in Übersee / Chiemsee, Germany
  • Further step in the implementation of the AMAG specialty product strategy
  • ACP is an expert in the mechanical machining of aluminum and titanium for the aerospace industry
  • The ACP product and services portfolio holds...

AMAG Austria Metall AG: Solid H1 in difficult environment

  • COVID-19 significantly impacts customer demand, especially in aircraft, automotive and distribution sectors
  • Revenue of EUR 463.8 million down 16 % year-on-year reflecting both volume and price factors
  • Fixed and structural costs largely adjusted to lower capacity utilisation due to COVID-19
  • EBITDA of...

A fresh look for research excellence at AMAG

  • New research center opened on schedule for normal operation 
  • Growing demand for R&D and testing technology due to site expansion and increasing specialization 
  • AMAG R&D spending 2019: approx. 30 million euros 
  • R&D and innovation: 155 staff (8% of the total workforce) 
  • Modern architecture with...

AMAG successfully certified for Japanese industry standard

  • First European aluminium manufacturer to be awarded JIS certification (Japanese Industrial Standards)
  • Expansion of our product portfolio for the Japanese market
  • Purchase of a special tensile testing machine to meet the particular requirements of JIS

AMAG Austria Metall AG reports earnings growth in Q1 2020

  • Profitability up compared to first quarter of the previous year
    • Revenue of EUR 246.4 million below previous year’s EUR 274.4 million
    • Operating result (EBITDA) grows to EUR 36.5 million, mainly thanks to lower raw material costs (Q1 2019: EUR 33.0 Million)
    • Net income after taxes at...

Corona crisis: AMAG introduces shorttime working

  • Downturn in orders particularly from the automotive industry
  • BMI classifies AMAG as systemically relevant to supply Austria’s population
  • Extensive measures in place to protect employee health and safeguard production
  • Impact of corona crisis on results not yet foreseeable at this time


(BMI: Federal Ministry of the Interior)

Nomination Energy Globe Award Upper Austria

  • Investment of approximately 3 million euros in sustainable rainwater management
  • Around four hectares of infiltration surface to maintain the natural water cycle
  • Active contribution to groundwater regeneration in the region
  • With entries from 187 countries, the Energy Globe Award is the most important environmental prize worldwide

AMAG reports higher operating earnings and record cash flow trend in FY 2019

  • Revenue at EUR 1,066.0 million, slightly below previous year’s EUR 1,101.6 million due to price factors
  • EBITDA grows to EUR 143.0 million in challenging market environment (2018: EUR 141.0 million)
  • Net income after taxes at EUR 38.6 million compared with EUR 44.5 million in the previous year
  • Records for cash flow from...

AMAG receives “Accredited Supplier” award from Airbus

At the Airbus Material & Parts Supplier Day held in January 2020 in Toulouse, France, AMAG received the “Accredited Supplier” award from European aircraft manufacturer Airbus, the highest of four quality awards for its suppliers. AMAG thereby also ranks as the only aluminium rolled product supplier to receive this top award. The prize is awarded for outstanding delivery reliability and...

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