Another Star is born

The goal of AMAG Austria Metall AG  is to make all the products as environmentally friendly as possible, and thus to provide the customers with the best possible support in achieving their own environmental goals.
For this reason, AMAG has created AMAG AL4®ever. AMAG AL4®ever stands for all aluminium rolled and cast products in AMAG's portfolio that are characterised by a particularly low carbon footprint:
Namely, with "cradle-to-gate" less than 4 tons of CO2 per ton of aluminium.

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Aluminium outside, green inside. 

AMAG AL4®ever star represents durable, sustainably produced aluminium quality products with particularly low CO2 intensity. The new portfolio gives our customers the certainty of using premium products with an improved eco-balance.

The CO2 optimisation phase

Upon request, the AMAG AL4®ever team reviews the optimisation potential of your specific customer product. If it emerges that the CO2 footprint of the requested product can be optimised by wisely changing the various parameters in such a way that the CO2 intensity could be below 4 tons of CO2 per ton of aluminium, assuming the  material properties are the same, the product can be included in our award system AMAG AL4®ever portfolio according to the relevant guidelines.

Same quality, fewer emissions

The products from the AL4®ever portfolio are not different in terms of material or processing properties from our approved existing products. The only difference is that less CO2 is used to achieve the same high quality.


Transparent and certified

AMAG monitors how much CO2 is produced in each individual production step, making all emissions traceable. This is also documented by an auditing process. Product certificates are therefore available for all products, regardless of the actual level of their CO2 footprint. Acquiring a certificate therefore enables our customers to document and report scope 3 emissions in their supply chain.


AMAG AL4® ever  product brochure