Applying as a new supplier for AMAG

The economically optimized purchase of material and services represents an essential success factor for our company.

Consequently, criteria such as quality, adherence to schedules, risk management, safety, sustainability, compliance issues and economic efficiency are the key elements concerning the choice of our suppliers.

The activities of our purchasing department/organisation are always closely coordinated with the various departments of experts within AMAG Group.


Supplier Assessment Information Security



Following your self-declaration you will have received our feedback and in the event of a positive evaluation, you will be requested to send an offer.


Sending a quotation

You may send us a quotation and any requested samples and specifications.

We check the price, performance, quality and assurance of supply.


Product samples

The trial order represents the precondition for future qualification as supplier.

Listing as AMAG supplier

Product samples are the basis for a future supplier qualification.


After the self-disclosure, you will receive feedback from us and, in the case of a positive assessment, an invitation to submit an offer.


Supplier self-registration

Analytical specification for external scrap purchasing

General Purchasing Conditions

ESG-requirements for AMAG suppliers