Award for AMAG with the Energy Globe Upper Austria 2022

  • AMAG receives Energy Globe Upper Austria in the "Fire" category for Austria's largest rooftop photovoltaic system
  • The award is a further endorsement of the holistic sustainability approach of AMAG


The Energy Globe Upper Austria 2022 is awarded for the best environmental projects in the province. In the "Fire" category - which stands for energy - the winner was AMAG with its rooftop photovoltaic system, and comprising of 60,000 square metres, is Austria's largest plant in this form.

"The construction of the PV plant in this unique dimension is thereby, in addition to AMAG's main focus on recycling and the circular economy - as well as many other measures regarding to energy efficiency, one of the building blocks of AMAG's sustainability strategy and its contribution to achieving Austria's climate targets", according to the assessment of the project by Energy Globe Upper Austria.

AMAG only recently expanded the rooftop photovoltaic system, with an existing 55,000 square metres of collector area and having been commissioned in autumn 2021, by a further 5,000 square metres. It now equates to the size of nine football pitches and produces 7.3 GWh of electricity. This energy could supply around 2,000 households with electricity. In further steps, AMAG plans to double the capacity for solar electricity production. The green solar power generated is solely used by AMAG and supplements the electricity mix that has already been produced from 100 percent renewable sources for a number of years now.

"We are delighted about the wonderful tribute we have received for our achievements in connection with the sustainable development of the Ranshofen site. The photovoltaic system,  which we are already planning to double, contributes to our own green energy supply and thus to the implementation of our decarbonisation plan", said Gerald Mayer, CEO of AMAG Austria Metall AG.

In the Energy Globe, the category "Fire" stands for energy, progress and living comfort, but also for pollution and climate change. Projects that focus on energy production, the application of renewable energy sources, energy distribution and transport, energy use and having achieved a maximum degree of sustainability, can be submitted to this category. Other categories for the Energy Globe are Earth, Water, Air, Young People and, in Upper Austria, the special category Sustainable Community. (Source: Award Categories (

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