Welcome to AMAG's new modern and sustainable homepage!

  • AMAG homepage presents itself in a new design
  • Sustainability through energy-saving representation
  • AMAG's industrial and product areas presented in a structured and clear layout

AMAG's homepage presents itself in a new and sustainable design. The look is optimised for mobile use, the content is enhanced due to a greatly reduced background and is therefore more appealing and pleasant to look at. This also means that less energy is consumed when displaying the homepage, the screen is conserved and therefore a contribution is made to sustainability. The idea of saving energy is also reflected in the design of the new homepage by avoiding the use of a moving background as far as possible. 

The well-established structure of the website remains essentially unchanged. The industry section has been up-dated, which provides information on the many possible applications of AMAG's extensive product range. AMAG's individual business divisions present themselves with expressive images and provide an insight into the world of aluminium. Also worthy of note is the area with information regarding employment at AMAG and on how to apply for a job. Comprehensive information on the advantages of an apprenticeship at AMAG as well as on how to get started, is all part of the new apprenticeship website.

In the sections for media, contacts, upcoming events and the blog, you will find, amongst other topics, information about AMAG's attendance at conferences and trade fairs, as well as the latest news from the Group.

AMAG hopes you enjoy exploring!

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