AluReport special issue: ESG

  • Filling in gaps and closing circles: The AMAG business model 
  • Recycling as a core competency: Over 40 years’ experience 
  • Research and sustainable innovation: From AMAG, for the world 
  • The recipe for resource-efficient products: The AL4®ever product family 
  • From raw materials to finished products: And back again 
  • Energy and emissions: Diligently dealing with environmental and sustainability issues 
  • CO2 reduction: the time for talk is over: How the wrong calculation method endangers our planet 
  • Digitalization and sustainability: Process optimizations are essential 
  • Data protection and data security: Our digital foundation 
  • Training and development at AMAG: Education as the path to the future 
  • The crucial role of personnel development: An interview with Paul Benischek, Head of HR
  • Shaping the future together: AMAG as an innovative employer 
  • Shouldering responsibility: At our locations and throughout our supply chains 
  • Transparency and compliance: Our commitment to transparency 
  • Stability and flexibility: Combining contrasting qualities
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