Heat exchanger

AMAG Austria Metall AG offers a wide range of braze clad materials for vehicle heat exchangers. These products are based on her many years of know-how in the field of roll cladding and impress with their consistent premium quality. The portfolio ranges from products with particularly high strength and extremely durable materials to innovative multi-layer composites for heat exchangers with reduced volume and lower mass while simultaneously improving performance.


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AMAG TopClad® HS

(high strength)

AMAG TopClad® HS is characterized by particularly high mechanical strength when soldered. This is achieved through the use of heat-treatable alloys from the 6xxx series, which undergo hardening after solution annealing and aging at room temperature.


(ultra high strength)

Above all, AMAG TopClad® UHS is an excellent base plate material. Due to the high hardness of 55 HB in the soft state, the material has a high resistance to surface defects. Whenever high scratch resistance is required, AMAG TopClad® UHS is a first-class choice.

AMAG TopClad® LL

(long life)

The AMAG TopClad® LongLife products are specially developed 3xxx materials whose modified chemical composition in combination with the special thermo-mechanical manufacturing route leads to both increased strength and increased corrosion resistance. Depending on customer requirements, the tolerance limits of the base alloys EN-AW 3003 and EN-AW 3005 are adjusted in order to be able to respond individually to the technical specifications of the respective applications.


The AMAG multilayer technology enables the use of symmetrical and asymmetrical multi-layer material composites. The layers can be modified in a wide range of properties, overcoming the limitations of conventional brazing sheet products.