AMAG casting offers all common casting alloys and customized special products in the form of liquid aluminium, ingots and sows.

The AMAG advantage

  • Just-in-time liquid aluminium
  • Sustainably produced primary aluminium
  • Alloy Designer to develop customized alloys
  • State-of-the-art casting plants
  • Closed loop
  • Expertise in LME hedging and exchange trading
  • "All in one hand" partnership

AMAG - the right choice

  • Outstanding service and support
  • Latest technology and extensive manufacturing and processing skills
  • Consistent product quality at a high level
  • High delivery reliability
  • Wide range of OEM qualifications
  • Experienced technology partner
  • Extensive accreditations

AMAG latest innovation

AlSi7.Rec – for a small carbon footprint

AMAG AlSi7.Rec is an AlSi7Mg (A356) alloy that is manufactured with a recyclate content of over 70% in accordance with EN ISO 14021:2016. The result: A fully developed product with a significantly reduced CO2 content, which at the same time has material and processing properties that correspond to those of classic, primarily produced AlSi7 alloys. Comfortable.

Click here for the AluReport article about AlSI7.Rec.


Customer benefit

  • Low CO2 content
  • Unchanged processability and product performance
  • AMAG AL4® ever certificate for the product
  • Increased security of supply

Competent and reliable on new paths

In the classic application areas of AlSi7Mg alloys, due to the high purity requirements of the end products, only very pure scrap could be recycled, if at all, but the sophisticated alloy design of AMAG AlSi7.Rec now enables the use of a uniquely wide scrap mix. This not only reduces the CO2 footprint, but also increases security of supply. Real, honest recycling competence.

One product, many possibilities:

AMAG AlSi7.Rec is suitable for both gravity die casting and die casting of complicated machine and engine parts, housings, panels or structural components. As diverse as the areas of application may be, the CO2 advantage is common to all of them. Guaranteed. Because AMAG AlSi7.Rec is part of the climate-friendly AMAG AL4® ever portfolio, which combines all AMAG products that are characterized by a CO2 footprint of less than 4 tons of CO2 per ton of aluminum. AMAG also confirms this with a corresponding certificate.

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