In addition to her outer skin and structural panels as well as heat exchanger solutions, AMAG has developed a range of special products for the commercial vehicle sector that are perfectly tailored to the special requirements in these areas of application.

Aluminium as a material for wear-resistant applications offers the advantage that it not only reduces the unladen weight of the commercial vehicle, but also leads to fuel savings due to the lower overall weight of the vehicle. Depending on the area of application, AMAG offers flexible all-round material or extra high-strength or heat-resistant alloys.


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Outer skin for transport vehicles


This outer skin product was specially developed for use in commercial vehicles, especially in trucks, and is characterized by good formability in combination with an excellent paint baking reaction and an outstanding surface quality.

Wear-resistant plates for dump trucks

AMAG TopResistant®

AMAG TopResistant® is a particularly abrasion and wear-resistant product that is particularly suitable for use in dump trucks due to its durability. In addition to the high wear resistance, AMAG TopResistant® has high corrosion resistance and tensile strength and is available in widths of over 2,000 mm.

Shell boards for truck fuel tanks

AMAG AL4® FuelTanks 5754

AMAG AL4® FuelTanks 5754 is ideal for use in fuel tanks in transport vehicles. It combines the complex requirements for the surface, form tolerances and mechanical parameters and requires the highest level of precision in production.

Tread plates for transport vehicles

AMAG AL4® grip

AMAG's treadplate portfolio, with its different product variants, not only has an advantageous ecological balance, but also maximum slip resistance, the narrowest form tolerances, constant mechanical properties, excellent surface quality and good workability and flexibility.

You can find our full range of treadplates here.