Sustainability management

AMAG not only integrates sustainability into its business model, enabling it to tap into new business opportunities, but also into the organisation – thereby establishing the necessary commitment. Sustainability for AMAG means creating long-term added value by acting innovatively and being an employer of first choice. Business is conducted in a responsible manner and attention is paid to protecting the environment.

Responsibility for sustainability resides at Management Board level and is transferred to the Management structure with clearly defined areas of responsibility. As the uppermost supervisory body, the Supervisory Board performs its duties with regard to the company’s economic, ecological and social responsibility. The Management Systems department, with its sub-departments Occupational Safety, Quality Management, Energy, Environmental & Risk Management, Continuous Improvement Process and Sustainability coordinates sustainability management. The head of the department reports regularly to the Management Board and company managers on issues relevant to sustainability. The heads of the respective departments are responsible for implementing the sustainability program.

The sustainability compass defines six spheres of action and states specific targets and action plans which are reflected in the sustainability program:

  • Responsible corporate management: This sphere of action encompasses responsible Treatment of people and organisations involved in the company’s development, and the responsible Business activities conducted in a moral, legal and ethical manner.
  • Solid customer relationships and innovative products: This sphere of action comprises longterm partnership-based, fair customer relationships and new customer acquisition. This is achieved primarily by top product quality and innovations, and maximising customer satisfaction.
  • Honest employee relations: This sphere of action comprises the systematic training and development of employees, the compatibility of family and work, measures relating to equal opportunities and occupational health and safety, as well as new employee recruitment
  • Commitment to environmental protection: This sphere of action covers environmental protection. Measures are implemented as part of the certified management system (ISO 14001, ISO 50001) and the Continuous Improvement Process (CIP).
  • Responsible value chain management: This sphere of action comprises the management of raw materials along the value chain. The certification according to the ASI Chain of Custody Standard achieved in 2020 was a valuable step, as it ensures compliance with numerous sustainability aspects along the entire flow of materials.
  • Social engagement: This sphere of action comprises the creation of value at a regional Level, interactions with stakeholders and support for social, sporting and cultural activities as key Elements of social engagement.

Since the reporting year 2017, AMAG has published a summarized non-financial statement in her management report, thereby fulfilling her reporting obligation in accordance with the Sustainability and Diversity Improvement Act (NaDiVeG). It summarizes the essential information for AMAG on the five required aspects of environmental issues, employee issues, social issues, respect for human rights, anti-corruption and bribery.