Protecting the environment is a stated element of AMAG company policy. Reducing environmental pollution and, ideally, avoiding pollution entirely, is a clear goal. Media reports demonstrate the importance of environmental protectionclimate neutrality and conserving raw materials. This is also reflected in various AMAG projects to make out production operations climate neutral by 2040.


AMAG has a dedicated Environmental Measurement Technology department in the Center for Material Innovation (CMI). In fact, AMAG began to measure key environmental parameters at a very early stage and therefore has considerable experience in this field. In the 1960s, for example, the company started measuring fluoride emissions in different sample matrices. While many companies call on external specialists to conduct exhaust air measurements, AMAG has continuously developed its expertise in this field over recent decades and obtained state accreditation as a measurement laboratory. Today, the area around the site is among the most examined land in Austria.


The staff in our Environmental Measurement Technology department are responsible for emissions measurements and special analytics. Their primary duties lie in preparing official emissions measurements for plants that require official permits. At present, AMAG takes exhaust air measurements at around 120 points across its Ranshofen site. The state accreditation, which covers the entire department in accordance with EN ISO/IEC 17025, authorizes the staff to record official measurements. In addition to official requirements regarding air pollution control, staff in the Environmental Measurement Technology department are also specialist contacts for questions about emissions reduction and monitoring.


The department’s special analytics include determining levels of particle-bound and filter-passing heavy metals, identifying the elementary composition of solid matter, characterizing remelting salts, determining the gasification rate of waste materials, performing trace analyses of organic environmental pollutants and determining the total carbon in solid matter and surface carbon in aluminium sheets.

AMAG also invests in ongoing training and development activities for staff to ensure that they can continue meeting increasing requirements and carry out more complex tasks. It also continuously modernizes and expands the department’s equipment, ensuring that it is always state of the art. Staff in the Environmental Measurement Technology department enjoy a varied working day in the lab, in the office, and sometimes outdoors taking measurement and samples. In return, they need to have a broad interest in chemical and physical correlations, process flows at the company’s plants and a basic understanding of environmental law.

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