AMAG has held a 20% interest in the Aluminerie Alouette in Canada for 30 years, thus securing its primary aluminum input material base.

AMAG Austria Metall AG is an internationally successful manufacturer of cast and rolled aluminum products and is committed to the themes of "sustainability" and "innovation". Founded 1939 as an aluminum smelter for primary aluminum primary aluminum production to secure the supply of raw materials for the German market, this development was anything but self-evident. For 30 years, the primary metal production of AMAG AMAG's primary metal production no longer takes place at the Ranshofen site, but at the Aluminerie Alouette in Québec, Canada. Not only the current name "Austria Metall AG" (AMAG) dates back to this time from this time, but also the decision to transform AMAG into a global aluminum group with the focus - away from primary aluminum production - on the further processing of the metal.

Together with 6 other companies, the decision was made to build an aluminum electrolysis plant in Sept-Îles, Québec. Within 3 years, the Alouette was completed and produced its first ton of aluminum in 1992. Through investments and expansions, Aluminium Alouette has grown to become the largest primary aluminum producer in the Americas. The Alouette is organised as a so-called "joint cooperation". The owners supply alumina to Alouette independently and ensure that the electricity required for electrolysis is available at competitive prices.

Aluminum Alouette currently has 950 employees and produces 630,000 tons of aluminum annually in the form of so-called sows.

The coming years will bring great challenges for Aluminerie Alouette as well as for the entire aluminum industry. The decarbonisation of aluminium, which is to take place at Alouette by 2050, is of fundamental importance for the entire industry and will require major technological transformations as well as changes in working methods.

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