In the fall of 2020, AMAG finalized the acquisition of a 70 % stake in Aircraft Philipp (ACP), thus extending its own value chain in the direction of component production. The following article presents Aircraft Philipp in more detail.


Aircraft Philipp is a German medium- sized company specializing in the production of complex metallic aircraft structural components and assemblies. The company was founded in 1998 in Übersee / Chiemsee, Germany and the name Aircraft Philipp originates from the founder Rolf Philipp and his first business activity as an aircraft manufacturing company according to EASA Part 21G with the production of the AVO 68 Samburo, a two-seat motor glider. Aircraft Philipp redesigned the Samburo as a towplane for gliders, certified it as the first German powered glider towplane, and produced it in series.

In the early years, Aircraft Philipp acquired extensive knowledge in aircraft design, manufacturing, quality assurance and qualification, which was seamlessly integrated into the company's new direction. As a CAD/CAM programming service provider and machinist for aircraft structural parts made of aluminium and titanium, Aircraft Philipp was able to quickly gain a foothold and establish an excellent reputation with customers such as Airbus Helicopters (formerly Eurocopter) and Airbus subsidiary Premium Aerotec (formerly EADS).


The ambitious aviation industry in the early/mid-2000s with new projects such as the Airbus A380 and the Eurofighter, filled up Aircraft Philipp's existing capacity in Übersee, Germany. The decision was therefore made in 2006 to go with the growth of the industry and purchase the site in Karlsruhe, Germany. This strategic step to invest in the Karlsruhe plant proved its value and made Aircraft Philipp the largest and most important owneroperated machining company for the aerospace industry in Germany. Today, this forms an ideal basis for further development in the AMAG Group.


Aircraft Philipp has been deeply rooted in Airbus since the mid-1970s and the first Airbus A300, and has also supplied its products and services to each of its aircraft families since then. To be more precise, every modern Airbus civil aircraft today contains at least one part produced by Aircraft Philipp.

Range of Services

With production facilities in Übersee on the Bavarian Chiemsee and in Karlsruhe in Baden Württemberg, Aircraft Philipp currently offers customers more than 260,000 production hours or, depending on the component geometry, around 100,000 parts per year. ACP machines components ranging from 150 mm to 7,000 mm in length at its 50+ state-of-the-art 3, 4 or 5-axis machining centers, some of which are custom-built.


Customer advantages

We make every effort within the AMAG Group to ensure that our products are manufactured in a sustainable manner. Optimizing the value chain by improving the use of materials and ensuring closed-loop recycling improves the buy-to-fly ratio and minimizes the carbon footprint of our products.

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