Closed material loops for efficiently recycling aluminium scrap as well as additional value-adding steps in Ranshofen ensure CO2-optimized supply chain solutions.


One of AMAG’s key success factors is the continuous improvement of our competitiveness, taking into account sustainability aspects, in particular energy and resource efficiency. A strategic focus on recycling makes a significant contribution to reducing emissions. For instance, the use of recycled aluminium has a significantly better energy balance compared to primary aluminium: Recycling aluminium use up to 95 % less energy compared to primary aluminium production.


The growing demand for CO2-optimized products and processes particularly promotes this approach. Aluminium recycling offers the possibility of closing material loops in industrial production processes, which are jointly developed, efficiently designed and standardized by AMAG and its customers. The aim is to recycle aluminium products and make the best possible use of aluminium’s excellent recyclability.

Closed Loop - An effective and sustainable recycling concept that goes beyond corporate boundaries

AMAG’s integrated production site with foundries and rolling mills, as well as its geographical proximity to major industrial regions, promote further technological development and close customer relations. Customer service goes beyond supplying products. AMAG offers all-in-one solutions to provide its customers with the best possible support in terms of CO2-optimized products and processes.


A wide variety of aluminium scrap is generated in the course of processing semi-finished products at the customer’s site. AMAG offers the service of collecting production scrap directly from the customer and reprocessing it using state-of-the-art recycling technology to produce high-quality wrought and cast alloys, which are then ideally used as primary material for the production of the same components.

AMAG has all the prerequisites for efficient, optimal closed-loop recycling:

  • More than 35 years of experience in aluminium recycling, long-standing closed-loop partnerships for cast alloys
  • Modern, energy-efficient melting furnaces
  • State-of-the-art processing and sorting technologies for recycled material
  • Specialized rotary tilt furnaces for recycling material with lower aluminium Content
  • Ongoing research (dissertations, including projects with customers) related to recycling & recycling alloys


Advantages for our customers:

  • Optimization of material input for recycling (ideally alloy-to-alloy)
  • A 95 % reduction in energy consumption in secondary aluminium production compared with the primary route, thus having a significantly positive impact on the CO2 footprint
  • Reliable supply thanks to the closed-loop partnership: the customer is entitled to prompt return delivery of the recycled aluminium scrap in the form of semi-finished products or cast alloys
  • Optimized transport: in some cases, the same transport means can be used for the delivery of the aluminium scrap and the return delivery of products
  • Reduction of overall handling expenses: with a closed-loop contract, AMAG acts as the all-in-one partner for the customer
  • On-site consultation for alloy design and scrap logistics at the customer’s site

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