Solid customer relationship and innovative products

Highest quality, sustainable special products, innovative ideas - that's what we can do. 

Innovation and Science

At AMAG, innovation has many faces and many facets. Almost 170 employees work in research and development at AMAG, meticulously developing customer-specific solutions. This results in a wide variety of product innovations that not only offer customers added value, but also create ecological and social added value.

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Continuous improvement process - Employees help to shape the future

A particular strength of the company lies in the creative potential and commitment of its employees. The continuous improvement process (CIP) gives them the opportunity to actively help shape work processes and submit suggestions for improvement. These are collected and evaluated in a central database. If the idea is evaluated positively, a bonus derived from the expected benefits is paid out. In this way, the culture of change and continuous innovation is promoted with the active involvement of employees.

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Bringing knowledge together through cooperation

Application-oriented research & development and sound scientific findings are an indispensable cornerstone of AMAG's innovative clout. In the spirit of an open innovation approach that links internal and external competencies, AMAG cooperates with (technical) universities and accompanies scientific work. The benefits of scientific cooperation thereby extend much further than just within the company itself. Students and universities benefit from the partnership through a modern research environment and equipment, such as #AMAG's Center for Material Innovation (CMI) - YouTube and AMAG's Smart Factory for sample production and testing. Long-term research and development activities also have sustainable added value for society by strengthening the region through a stable employer and promoting education and science in the regional area.


  • Montanuniversität Leoben
  • Technische Universität Wien
  • Technische Universität Graz
  • Johannes-Kepler-Universität Linz
  • Paris-Lodron-Universität Salzburg
  • ETH Zürich
  • Friedrich-Alexander-Universität 
  • Materials Center Leoben, AC²T
  • LKR Leichtmetallkompetenzzentrum Ranshofen
  • FELMI-ZFE Institut für Elektronenmikroskopie und Nanoanalytik - 
    Zentrum für Elektronenmikroskopie
  • Technische Universität Bergakademie Freiberg
  • Max-Planck-Institut für Eisenforschung in Düsseldorf

Customer relationship and consistent customer orientation

A shared future together with our customers.
In order to respond flexibly and precisely to customer requirements, the AMAG Group is constantly developing. The entrepreneurial focus is on the manufacture of first-class aluminum products with the lowest possible CO2 footprint.
The AMAG Group covers the entire aluminum value chain from primary aluminum to the finished rolled aluminum product and recycled cast alloy. This enables the company not only to talk about scrap content, but also to compile CO2 balances including primary aluminum production. 
By sourcing the required primary aluminum from the Canadian Alouette smelter, for example, which generates the electricity for electrolysis exclusively from hydro power, customer requirements for future-oriented products can be met.

Dipl. -Ing. Dr, Marlis Zöhrer