Committed to environmental protection.

Protecting and conserving our environment - that's what defines us.

Energy and emissions

Fußabdruck reduzieren – Mehrwert schaffen.

In times like these, efficient energy use is a top priority. For this reason, AMAG Austria Metall AG also focuses on renewable energy generation, and is making a valuable contribution with one of the largest rooftop photovoltaic plant of Austria and a further plant expansion. In the long term, fossil energy sources are to be replaced entirely - this represents a challenge for companies. The AMAG Group is already working intensively on ideas and approaches for sustainable electrical power generation and supply, both for the company and for the region.


Water cycle
Water as a resource is used and consumed sustainably and carefully by AMAG Austria Metall AG. It is used for cooling during the casting of rolling slabs. The cooling water is recycled. Improvements to the circulation systems have made it possible to keep water consumption and specific water withdrawal constant over the years, despite increasing production capacity.


We protect meadows, forests, and bees.

The preservation and promotion of biodiversity are important components of the AMAG Group's commitment to sustainability. Green space management on the company premises and the management of the company's own forest are at the forefront here. AMAG Austria Metall AG also cooperates with the Upper Austria-Salzburg Beekeeping Association to breed healthy bees in the recreational area around the Ranshofen site. In 2022, success was achieved in a research project on varroa-resistant bees.

Dipl. -Ing. Dr, Marlis Zöhrer