Trained ornamental blacksmith Siegfried Rabanser draws from a wealth of technical possibilities. The pleasure he takes in his craft and experimenting with form and color is evident in his work and constantly inspires him to experiment with new, unconventional materials.

His profound interest in the visual arts began when he was still at school. He started out working with glass, watercolors, oils and charcoal.


After completing his training as an ornamental blacksmith with a master craftman's diploma, he increasingly focused on working with metals, particularly aluminium.


At first Mr. Rabanser tried using sheet steel to create his artworks. The resulting pictures were far too heavy, however, and so he had to come up with something else. Aluminum, on the other hand, is very easy to shape and its lightness also makes it very easy to handle. However, he also incorporate other materials such as glass, stones, sand and acrylic into his work. The creative process combines all the different materials into one multifaceted work.

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The first steps in creating my metal works take place in my workshop in St. Georgen im Attergau. This is where I use a flame to cut out my figures from a sheet of aluminum without using a sketch, and then create the matching aluminum frame. The basic framework is generally complete after about two working days, after which I send the piece to Salzburg and finish it there. The studio in Salzburg is a large converted factory hall and functions as a workspace, presentation room and community space all rolled into one.


Some of Siegfried Rabanser‘s paintings and sculptures can already be admired at AMAG Austria Metall AG in Ranshofen.



mobile: +43 664 2305660

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