In this Blog CEO Gerald Mayer talks about AMAG’s majority holding in the Aircraft Philipp Group and about implementing development goals in a challenging environment.


"Of course the aviation industry in particular is facing severe challenges in the current environment due to the pandemic, but I would describe this step as being strategically consistent rather than bold."
CEO Gerald Mayer

For over 10 years, AMAG has been pursuing a specialty strategy and defines itself as a premium producer with a focus on innovation and sustainability. Now that our capacity expansion program has been completed for the time being with the AMAG 2020 project, we have shifted our focus to selectively extending the value chain in order to strengthen our Profile.


Aircraft Philipp has extensive expertise in the machining of aluminium and titanium parts for the aviation industry and represents a seamless addition to our current value chain for aluminium plates for aircraft.


In other words, this is a partnership between two specialists in their respective fields. Together, we will be even stronger and better able to meet the needs of our customers.

"Right now, we cannot give precise details on Aircraft Philipp's future strategy. But one thing is certain – it will be seamlessly integrated into the AMAG strategy. I only need to mention a few key terms and you will see that this is a strategic fit: profitable growth in the core business, with a focus on innova- tion and sustainability."
CEO Gerald Mayer

It sends out a message to all our customers that AMAG is financially stable and, supported by a stable shareholder structure, can take these kinds of steps even in difficult times. AMAG is a reliable partner and one that will continue to exist in the future!



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