Snow-covered landscapes. Untouched slopes. The sense of freedom when carving through the great swathes of white with two skis beneath your feet is just as endless. It is hard to get closer to nature than when skiing. With this in mind, avid skiers have an interest in minimizing their impact on the natural world. Little wonder then, that demand is rising for sustainable materials in ski manufacturing.

Sustainability meets top performance.


In Titanal® green 80, AMAG offers its customers a new, sustainable product that meets exactly these requirements. This is made possible by using sustainable primary aluminium and an exceptionally high proportion of recycled material, drawing on state-of-the-art plant engineering and AMAG’s wide-ranging expertise throughout the entire aluminium value chain, and by leveraging the extensive synergies in the AMAG Group.


The use of recycled material plays an important role. Aluminium recycling is a sustainable process that enables us to save energy and resources while also reducing the CO₂ emissions from production. Compared to primary aluminium production, recycling uses 95% less energy to produce a kilogram of aluminium. Consequently, a combination of sustainable primary aluminium and the highest possible proportion of scrap aluminium is used in the production of Titanal®.

AMAG Titanal® green 80 in Fischer Sports’ new Ranger series.


The sustainable AMAG Titanal® green 80 has been used for the first time in the Ranger product line from Fischer Sports. It’s a perfect match and the name says it all. After all, a ranger is the custodian of a landscape and the absolute epitome of a close connection to nature and environmental awareness. By exclusively using materials certified in accordance with the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI) Chain of Custody standard and with a guaranteed minimum proportion of 80% recycled material, this AMAG product fits in perfectly with this allegory. In addition, the fact that AMAG and Fischer Sports are situated less than 50km apart in the Innviertel quarter of Upper Austria also has a positive impact on the product’s environmental footprint. A regional partnership for international, sustainable success.

"Living up to the Fischer Sports vision – to be every athlete’s number one choice – means the materials absolutely must deliver top performance. Following positive results in initial product tests, we were instantly convinced."
Christian Haas, Product Manager Alpin Ski at Fischer Sports

The mountains are calling for AMAG products.


AMAG Titanal® green 80 is not only used in Alpine skis. The unique combination of high stress resistance and low weight is also ideal for use in touring skis, touring ski bindings, ski crampons, ski poles and hiking sticks. In addition, AMAG has an entire range of other products perfectly suited to high-altitude applications, such as belay devices for climbers, sprockets for mountain bikes, and treadplates in gondolas and lift stations. When the mountains call, AMAG answers.

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