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"EWM (Extended Warehouse Management) is AMAG’s latest warehouse management system. This will lay the foundation for guaranteed reliable delivery in a proven quality in the future, even for larger quantities. AMAG is not just investing in new production facilities: modern materials handling systems and the associated software play an important role in saving time and improving material availability, including the logistics solutions implemented at the rolling mill’s high-bay warehouses, the scrap logistics in the AMAG foundry and, of course, the systems used to coordinate the warehouse logistics."
Daniel Fuchs, Information technology
"EWM is based on SAP and integrates the customer’s material and transport flow into AMAG’s existing software architecture. State-of-the-art hardware such as scanners, tablets, etc. is integrated in the system via interfaces to ensure reliable and error- free communications. Existing and future warehouses – both internal and external – can also be precisely mapped. AMAG is thus optimally prepared for the challenges of the future."
Daniel Fuchs, Informationstechnologie

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