For the past 27 years, the Pegasus business prize has been awarded to successful and dedicated companies in the province of Upper Austria. Every year, some 250 to 300 companies compete in various categories for these highly coveted awards.

The prize sponsors select a different focus each year, giving special con- sideration to topics that are currently particularly relevant to the Upper Austrian economy. MAG’s first Pegasus arrived in 2012, when we won an award in the Leading Company category. When that first bronze winged horse took up residence in Ranshofen, we were looking back on a successful IPO and a year of record results while also looking ahead to the expansion of the site. More awards were to follow.


Three years later, in 2018, with the site expansion in full swing, the Pegasus jury honored AMAG’s strong commitment to Upper Austria as a business location with a gold Pegasus in the Investment Champion category.

Another Pegasus joined the herd in 2020. This is our second bronze Pegasus, but the first in the Innovation and Sustainability Champion category. In keeping with AMAG’s strategic orientation, this category covers not only the development of innovative products, but also their contribution to climate protection and sustainability. AMAG received the award in recognition of this year’s fireworks display of sustainable new products. The approximately 30 new products are the result of our sustained research efforts.


Some of our successful innovations include alloy optimization and improvements in materials efficiency – both have positive impacts on sustainable and efficient use of resources by reducing the output/scrap ratio. Whether as a leading company or as a lighthouse, for our investments, innova- tions, or sustainability, the pedigrees of the winged horses in AMAG’s stables are as diverse and multi-faceted as AMAG itself. We are one of the country’s top business enterprises from a multitude of perspectives.

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