For several years now, Fontana Pietro S.P.A., Calolziocorte Lecco, Italy, and AMAG have been fitting exclusive automobiles with tailor-made suits. The unique forming properties of AMAG TopForm® SPF (SPF = superplastic forming) and Fontana Blow’s (the new Fontana devision, fully dedicated to SPF) outstanding expertise combine to create outer skin parts that are unmatched in terms of geometry and aesthetics.


This is made possible by the AMAG TopForm® SPF coil and sheet production processes, which are precisely defined at AMAG. A special rolling process is used to achive grain sizes in the single-digit μm range. This enables an extraordinarily high degree of formability at elevated temperatures, while maintaining a high level of strength: perfect for outer skin applications in the automotive industry.

Fontana’s expertise in this extremely complex forming process has enabled the company to specialize in the production of superplastic formed sheet metal parts. Fontana Group created a dedicated devision for Superplastic Forming, called Fontana Blow. The parts produced with these methods are primarily used for automobile bodywork applications such as

  • front an rear doors,

  • side panels,

  • fenders,

  • trunk lids, etc

However, complex internal parts are also produced in this way.

Fontana supplies the high-end segment of the automotive industry with these specialist products. These car bodies are like bespoke suits tailored by a designer studio. But the products are not limited to cars: superplastic materials are also used in architecture luxury furniture and aerospace industry.




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