Customized alloys for e-mobility applications. The transition to sustainable modes of transport opens up numerous opportunities for the automotive industry, including in body construction.


A new key factor is the components connected to the battery pack and, given its corrosion resistance, aluminium offers certain advantages. As a flexible company willing to invest heavily in research and development, tapping a new market dynamic and transforming it into innovative power has always been one of AMAG’s strengths.

This is how the company developed its new product, AMAG AL4® BIW 6ED-110. By combining an impressive portfolio of mechanical properties with a high proportion of recycled materials, it is ideally suited to sustainable use in electromobility.


In addition to the weight advantage, the benefits of using 6xxx aluminium alloys in automotive construction is the character profile, which is affected by their hardening capacity through out their composition and heat treatment. It is generally assumed that forming capacity and curing properties are mutually exclusive. Alloys used in car exteriors are designed to provide excellent forming performance but comparably poor strength after heat treatment. Products designed for being used in the medium-strength structural area are more receptive to hardening but, in return, often have only satisfactory forming capacity.

An AMAG innovation now combines the benefits of both product worlds: a material with the forming capacity of an exterior alloy and the hardening capacity suitable for medium-strength structural applications. When developing new products, it is also important to focus on their sustainability and reduce their carbon footprint.


Therefore, upon request, we can implement the EN AW-6016 alloy with a significantly higher recycling content in combination with an optimized primary aluminium, which substantially reduces the finished product’s carbon footprint making it an AMAG Al4®ever product. In this case, the alloy falls into the new AMAG Al4®ever class. The universal characteristic spectrum of our new product, AMAG AL4® BIW 6ED-110, therefore provides outstanding flexibility and adaptability for use in automotive construction. Its use is not limited to electric vehicles, it also extends to classic components with elevated forming requirements, such as interior door panels.

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