Conflict minerals

Conflict Minerals (United States Securities And Exchange Commission – “SEC rule“)

Conflict minerals were identified as columbite-tantalite (tantalum), cassiterite (tin), gold, and wolframite (tungsten) originating from the Democratic Republic of Congo or adjoining countries (the “DRC”). Suppliers are obliged to provide information whether their use of these "conflict minerals" is necessary for the functionality or is a requirement for the manufacture of their products. Conflict minerals present in products as a contaminant or impurity do not entail any disclosure requirements under the SEC Rule.

AMAG continuously checks whether such minerals are necessary for the functionality or manufacture of the company’s products. If necessary, information from pre-suppliers is requested to verify that the above mentioned minerals do not originate from DRC countries.

The production of AMAG products involves secondary materials which may result in traces of the above mentioned substances in aluminium alloys. According to the SEC implementing directive, secondary materials are excluded from its scope. Consequently, AMAG products, in these instances, are DRC conflict free.

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