AluReport 1/ 2024

  • Investing in excellence: New coil coating line consolidates AMAG’s position as a surface-critical product specialist
  • Knowledge-based quality leadership: Interview with CEO/COO Dr. Helmut Kaufmann
  • From ingot to icon: Aluminium architectural products
  • Bright aluminium products: Interview with Tommaso Fiorentini, Vice President of Almecco
  • A vision of radiance: Aluminium as the key to perfect daylight control
  • Hot rolling emulsion: A material with a massive impact
  • The art of adhesion: The influence of surface texturing and surface chemistry on adhesive bonding performance
  • Joining in automobile construction part 1: Dry-film lubricants as an impact of automotive adhesive joints
  • Joining in automobile construction part 2: The decisive role of surface treatment for first-class spot welding results in automotive production