AluReport 2/ 2023

  • Aviation products on course for growth: Good prospects thanks to customer awards 
  • Hot form quenching: Hot curves, easy forming 
  • Talking to AluReport: An interview with Marc Schweizer, Business Development Manager at the fischer group 
  • Sticks, stones, and poles: Aluminium poles for a unique combination of high load capacity and low weight. 
  • We've created technical solutions: Interview with COO Priv.-Doz. Dr. Helmut Kaufmann 
  • Big data analysis is a marathon: Interview with Head of Corporate Technology, Dr. Werner Fragner 
  • Big data 1: Proper material tracking for a continuous aluminium production process 
  • Big data 2: Data analysis and visualization of mechanical properties of aluminium coils 
  • Big data 3: Analysis of production data for continuous casting of aluminium rolling slabs 
  • Smart maintenance: Digitalization of maintenance and repair services 
  • Software models for energy and media networks: Water just comes out of the tap, right? 
  • Optimized processing of aluminium products: coilDNA connects the physical and the digital world