AMAG has achieved certification against the ASI chain of custody standard and is now in a position to offer all its products with an ASI CoC certificate.

The Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI) Chain of Custody (CoC) Standard defines a set of requirements for the creation of a responsible supply chain for aluminium. It covers every step of the value chain – from the production of primary from bauxite or of secondary aluminium through processing all the way to the finished product.


For decades AMAG has maintained a strong focus on responsible and resource-friendly aluminium production. Sustainability and innovation are key factors in ensuring future success. Therefore, the ASI Chain of Custody certification is a logical next step in this direction.


The basis for achieving certification against the ASI CoC Standard is to first demonstrate compliance with the ASI Performance Standard: In 2018 AMAG became the world’s first integrated company with a rolling mill, foundry and high levels of expertise in recycling to achieve certification against the Performance Standard.



This certification confirms that numerous strict governance, environmental and social criteria are met. The ASI CoC Standard now combines the pro- duction steps audited under the ASI Performance Standard with supply chain monitoring and enables AMAG to sell products as being ASI-certified.

ASI-certified aluminium offers AMAG customers the chance to support responsible aluminium supply chains namely the recycling of scrap, closed- loop concepts, and responsible and sustainable aluminium mining and production. In addition, AMAG’s range of products for its customers is supplemented by "AMAG green® Aluminium", which is notable for its high scrap input rate, resulting in minimal CO2 emissions. These forward-looking product features further enhance AMAG’s specialist portfolio and allow to respond to all customer requirements regarding sustainability.



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