• AMAG strengthens its position as a surface specialist with modern surface treatment line for high-quality aluminium surfaces
  • Products from the new plant for a wide range of applications in various industries
  • Digitalisation for quality, productivity and sustainability

AMAG Austria Metall AG in Ranshofen has taken a significant step towards strengthening its position as a leading specialist for high-quality aluminium surfaces. By investing more than 50 million euros in a state-of-the-art surface treatment line, the company is setting new standards in terms of efficiency and quality. In view of the growing demand for high-quality and precision processed aluminium rolled products, advanced production technologies are becoming increasingly important.

Surfaces play a decisive role in bonding, welding, soldering, varnishing and forming parts. The quality of the surface is of central importance to many of AMAG's customers from different industries. In addition to its aesthetic value, it has a significant influence on functionality and a variety of possible further processing and coating options.

The new system enables the surface treatment of aluminium strips with a thickness of up to five millimetres. The aluminium surfaces produced are used in a wide range of applications in the architectural sector, decorative surfaces in consumer electronics, the cosmetics industry, radiator- and heat exchangers (braze clad products), the automotive industry for trim parts and for tread plates.

The core element of the new surface treatment line is a highly efficient device for cleaning the surface of hot-rolled and cold-rolled aluminium strips. It is specially designed for AMAG's wide range of products. Advanced digital solutions are being used to increase quality and productivity in surface treatment, and to achieve and demonstrate sustainability goals such as reducing the carbon footprint. Therefore, all production-related data is recorded and utilised, using modern data analysis methods.

In addition, the exclusively electric heating, powered by green energy, and the integrated wastewater treatment system contribute to environmentally friendly production. The 115-metre-long plant, which was built by Andritz AG, is located in a building that was constructed by regional suppliers. As a result, a significant part of the value added was realised in Austria.

"The products from the new surface treatment line enable our customers to further increase the quality of their products and stability of their own production processes. Through environmentally friendly production, we also reduce our carbon footprint and support our customers in achieving their sustainability goals," says Helmut Kaufmann, CEO and Chief Technology Officer of AMAG Austria Metall AG.

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