AMAG received "Gem" for sustainable digitalisation

  • Award for AMAG and ACP Cubido from ICT Austria for "Sustainable Digitalization" in the category "Data science“
  • Combination of IT solution initiatives has led to very successful new developments and optimisations at AMAG
  • Digitalisation and the circular economy are drivers of innovation for AMAG's profitable development



AMAG Austria Metall AG, together with ACP Cubido (a specialist in customised software solutions for the collection, analysis and processing data of all kinds), was awarded a special "gem" by ICT Austria. AMAG emerged as the winner in the category of "Data Science - scoring points in quality standards and sustainability" and was awarded the "Gem for sustainable digitalisation projects". As part of the annual event of ICT Austria - Center for Business Technology, which took place under the motto "#Sustainable Digitalization", Dr. Werner Aumayr, CIO of AMAG Austria Metall AG, and Dr. Manuela Schreyer, Data Analyst in AMAG's Corporate Technology department, accepted the award together with Werner Ennikl MBA, CEO of ACP CUBIDO Digital Solutions.


The award-winning project is about reducing scrap as well as saving valuable energy and raw materials using IOT, Big Data, Data Science and Microsoft Azure. For more than 15 years, AMAG has been developing physics-based simulation tools to describe and optimise the complex process steps in the manufacture of rolled and cast aluminium products. A few years ago, the application of statistical methods and the so-called Big Data approach to solving material and process development issues was started to complement this. In the meantime, the combination of these IT solution initiatives has led to very successful new developments and optimisations at AMAG.


About "ICT Austria":

ICT Austria is a non-profit association founded to support the players of the domestic ICT sector in keeping up with the enormous pace of innovation of the global competition and to position ourselves extremely powerfully both on a national and international level by consolidating our existing strengths to its full potential. - ICT Austria


About ACP:

As a specialist for analytics and software development, CUBIDO develops customised software solutions for customers of all sizes and industries or supports them in the collection, analysis and preparation of data of any kind. To create a solid basis for accurate business decisions, cubido's analytics experts use data science and artificial intelligence. - Data, Analytics & Development | ACP CUBIDO Digital Solutions GmbH.

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