Machinery and equipment


AMAG AL4® grip, AMAG's treadplate portfolio, with its different product variants not only has a low CO2 footprint, it also offers maximum slip resistance, the tightest shape tolerances, constant mechanical properties, improved surface quality and good workability and flexibility.

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Heat Exchanger

Many years of know-how in the field of roll cladding and consistent premium quality characterize AMAG in the field of brazing alloys. AMAG's expertise not only includes sophisticated processes such as asymmetrical multilayer cladding and the use of UltraHighStrength (UHS) materials, but also the tightest alloy tolerances. When selecting the material for brazed products, it is important to find an optimum of high mechanical strength, good and reproducible processing and forming properties, sufficient corrosion resistance and excellent solderability. Our specially developed material combinations meet precisely these requirements.

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