Cathode Sheet

AMAG ProCath®

AMAG's cathode sheets for use in zinc electrolyses are not only characterized by their optimal conductivity, but above all because of their outstanding flatness. This allows minimal distances between the cathodes and anodes in the electrolyte bath. This enables not only an optimized use of space but also a highly efficient use of resources.

Besides that, AMAG PROCATH® products are also cold-rolled, resulting in increased strength, which has a positive effect on the mechanical resistance of the sheets and therefore on their service life in the stripping process. 

AMAG PROCATH® also exhibits low residual stresses, which prevent distortion when the load-bearing bars are welded onto the cathode sheet.


Patented edge strips technology

AMAG uses its own patented technology to attach the plastic edge strips to the cathode sheets. It works without adhesive media such as silicone or similar as well as without mechanical fixation. It is based on the interaction between the special, chemical composition of the edge strips with the aluminum surface. The resulting connection is absolutely tight and resistant to electrolytes. The electrolyte can therefore not undermine the edge strip, which can lead to premature failure of the elements. This leads to extended service life.


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