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REACH Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 and CLP Regulation(EC) No 1272/2008


REACH, the European chemical regulation, and the CLP regulation on classification, labeling and packaging of substances and mixtures define various legal obligations for manufacturers, importers and downstream users of chemical substances.


Aluminum and alloying metals, which are used by AMAG are substances or mixtures in the sense of REACH. AMAG products are mixtures or articles. AMAG subsidiaries meet legal obligations in their roles as a manufacturer of aluminum products, as importers of raw materials and as downstream users of many operating materials. These obligations include among other:


  • The registrations of metals contained in AMAG products, which have successfully been carried out by us or our suppliers until the last registration deadline on the 1st of June 2018.
  • The duty to communicate information in the supply chain.
  • The ongoing review of the updates of the candidate list, Annex XIV and Annex XVII (REACH Regulation). AMAG informs its customers in accordance with its legal obligation about a possible presence of substances included in these lists in AMAG products.
  • The provision of safety data sheets and technical data sheets, if required by title IV of the REACH Regulation. Current data sheets of our products can be found below.



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Conflict minerals

Conflict Minerals (United States Securities And Exchange Commission – “SEC rule“)

Conflict minerals were identified as columbite-tantalite (tantalum), cassiterite (tin), gold, and wolframite (tungsten) originating from the Democratic Republic of Congo or adjoining countries (the “DRC”). Suppliers are obliged to provide information if their use of these "conflict minerals" is necessary for the functionality or required for the manufacture of their products. Conflict minerals present in products as a contaminant or impurity do not entail any disclosure requirements under the SEC Rule.

AMAG continuously checks whether such minerals are necessary for the functionality or manufacture of the company’s products. If necessary, information from pre-suppliers is requested to ascertain that the above mentioned minerals do not originate from DRC countries.

The production of AMAG products involves secondary materials which may result in traces of the above mentioned substances in aluminium alloys. According to the SEC implementing directive, secondary materials are excluded from its scope. Consequently, AMAG products are DRC conflict free in these instances.

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