Locally rooted, globally active


We manufacture high-quality primary, cast and rolled aluminium at two production sites in Ranshofen, Austria and Sept-Îles, Canada. Our core competencies are recycling, casting, rolling, heat treatment and surface finishes. High-quality cast alloys are manufactured in Ranshofen in the form of bi-part ingots, horizontally cast ingots, sows and liquid aluminium, mainly from recycled

We produce coils, sheets and plates that are further processed for high-quality applications in aviation, transportation, mechanical engineering, packaging, electronics and consumer goods. Our comprehensive materials know-how is founded on almost 80 years of experience in aluminium.

We have achieved consistent production of premium products to exacting standards from recycled material. Combining our comprehensive material and production skills with cutting-edge facilities, a diverse range of aluminium scrap is transformed, on a daily basis, into high-quality cast and rolled products.





Total shipments

1) Average number of employees (full-time equivalents), including contract workers and excluding apprentices. Includes the 20 % share of personnel from the interest in the Alouette smelter as well as the personnel of AMAG components.

AMAG rolling

AMAG rolling is a globally active manufacturer of high quality, rolled aluminium products.

The importance of aluminium in all areas of modern, industrial production, transport and other applications is steadily rising. AMAG rolling has established a position as a specialist among the rolling mill companies. Thanks to constant improvements in our already high quality standards, the company is able to provide products meeting the most stringent demands.

The major share of production is exported to AMAG rolling's main markets in Europe and overseas, where the company is represented by sales companies or agents. Such proximity to customers facilitates rapid and flexible response.

Core competences

  • High degree of flexibility in meeting customer demands
  • High quality standards
  • High technical competence in surfaces, heat-treatment und alloy-developments (especially for high strength qualities)
  • Rollcladding for bright-, aircraft- and brazing products
  • Production of more than 100 different alloys from all alloy families (1xxx to 8xxx)

Production and processing sites

AMAG rolling sales subsidiaries

Representatives of AMAG rolling

Support by sales subsidiary/representative in another country

AMAG casting

AMAG casting is one of Europe's largest aluminum recyclers at a single location. The company produces rolling slabs for the rolling mill as well as ingots and liquid aluminum for the casting industry.

Core competencies

  • State-of-the-art scrap sampling center
  • Modern, environmental friendly melting capacities
  • Ingot casting machines delivering customized qualities (horizontal direct chill (DC) and bi-part ingot caster)
  • Filling stations for liquid transportation
  • Customized high quality recycling foundry alloys (AMAG TopCast® products)
  • Operation of electromagnetic casting lines (EMC)
  • Slab casting know-how for 1xxx, 2xxx, 3xxx, 4xxx, 5xxx, 6xxx, 7xxx an 8xxx alloys

AMAG components

After taking an initial stake in October 2020, AMAG Austria Metall AG is now acquiring the remaining 30 percent of the German company Aircraft Philipp (ACP), based in Übersee am Chiemsee. With this acquisition, it will be the sole owner from January 1st,2022. With the takeover complete, the company name will also change to AMAG components.

This name represents the expansion of AMAG’s product portfolio into components and ready-to-install aluminum and titanium components for the international aerospace industry. The  combination of the foundry and rolling mill in Ranshofen with mechanical production at the two AMAG components sites in Übersee and Karlsruhe, together with AMAG’s high level of expertise in recycling, is unique in the world. It also allows closed material cycles. The chips and cuttings produced in machining are recycled in Ranshofen, minimizing the carbon footprint in the aviation industry.


AMAG components boasts more than 60 years of experience in the aerospace
industry and in aluminum and titanium machining. With this acquisition, the AMAG Group
is joined by a top-class company with a high degree of specialization and innovation. 



Core competence

  • The mechanical machining and processing of aluminum and titanium represents AMAG components core competence.

With AMAG components, AMAG is now extending value creation in the direction of mechanical processing (such as milling and drilling) and the manufacturing of special components. This combination, with the acknowledged AMAG competencies of areas of rolling, casting and recycling, represents an unique sustainable value chain. This comprises of the resource-saving closed-loop-recycling1 of plate off-cuts and chips2 resulted from milling processes, as well as an improved buy-to-fly-ratio3 and optimized logistics along the entire value chain, resulting in a considerably reduced CO2-footprint.


  Closed-loop-recycling refers to closed material cycles and the best possible utilization of resources

   In the manufacture of complex metal parts from a single workpiece involving milling, for example, a great part of the material is removed. The chips and off-cuts are recycled accordingly.

  Buy to fly ratio: this ratio expresses the relationship between the weight of the purchased raw material and the weight of the final part


AMAG metal

As the AMAG Group’s metal trading company, AMAG metal manages the metals flows within the group and thereby represents the interface to the raw materials markets.



Main tasks:

  • Raw material supply (alumina, aluminium) to group companies.
  • Management of AMAG's interest in the aluminium smelter Alouette.
  • Sale of aluminium products (low-profile sows) from Aluminerie Alouette.
  • Risk management geared to minimizing the effects of price fluctuations on the metals (LME) and currency markets.

Aluminium Austria Metall

AMAG holds an investment in the joint venture aluminium electrolysis Aluminerie Alouette Inc., located in Sept Iles (Quebec/Canada).

Aluminium Austria Metall (Québec) Inc., a 100% subsidiary of AMAG holds a
20% interest in Aluminerie Alouette Inc.

Facts and figures

  • Production total: approx. 620,000 to/year
  • AMAG interest 20 %: approx. 124,000 to/year
  • Partners: Rio Tinto (40%), Norsk Hydro Aluminium (20%), Investissement Québec/Marubeni (20%), AMAG (20%).
  • Employees total: approx. 900
  • Products:Primary aluminium in the shape of low-profile sows




  • Excellent cost position
  • Low CO2 emissions
  • Favourable geograhic and logistics location
Alouette - Primary Aluminum from AMAG