BEGIN:VCALENDAR CALSCALE:GREGORIAN VERSION:2.0 PRODID: METHOD:PUBLISH BEGIN:VEVENT DTEND:20180621T120000 DTSTAMP:20220127T125442 DESCRIPTION:Vortragende: Belinda Gruber (Dissertantin MUL / AMAG rolling GmbH) Titel: "Recovery of low temperature deformed AlMg- and AlMgSi-alloys" Vortragende: Katharina Regl (AMAG rolling GmbH) Titel: "Strategies for the elimination of grain coarsening in aerospace alloys" Vortragender: Paul Ebenberger (Dissertant MUL / AMAG rolling GmbH) Titel: "Effect of composition and microstructure of 5xxx series aluminium on L├╝ders elongation and dynamic strainaging" Vortragender: Georg Falkinger (AMAG rolling GmbH) Titel: "Void evolution in a 7xxx series aluminium alloy during hot rolling: Quantitative experimental results and mechanism-based process simulation" CLASS:PUBLIC SUMMARY:ICAA16, International Conference on Aluminum Alloys DTSTART:20180617T000000 LOCATION:Montreal, Kanada END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR