Recycled casting alloy with low carbon footprint for safety components.

For the first time, AUDI and AMAG have succeeded in developing a recycling cast alloy for aluminum wheels that meets the high requirements of a safety component in the customer's field of vision and at the same time the requirements of a climate-friendly product. Together with the Al4ever program recently initiated by AMAG for certified products with a significantly reduced CO2 footprint (i.e. depending on the specification with < 4 t CO2 / t AlSi7.Rec or < 2 t CO2 / t AlSi7.Rec) and a high proportion of recycling customers can make one of the largest proportions of aluminum in automobiles much more climate-friendly.

You can find more information in our AluReport article!


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High-tech for the slopes

Sustainable skiing with AMAG TITANAL® GREEN 80.

Landscapes covered in deep snow. Enchanting peaks. Untouched slopes. Endless white. Infinite, too, the feeling of freedom when you glide over the snowy splendour with two skis. An experience: pure, natural, real. You can hardly ever be closer to nature than when skiing. The passionate skier is therefore also keen to put as little strain on nature as possible. So, it's no wonder that sustainable materials are also increasingly in demand for ski production.


You can find more information in the AluReport article!


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