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Prolongation of the contract of Chief Sales Officer Victor Breguncci


  • Early contract renewal by another 4 years
  • Chief Sales Officer since June 2019
  • Core tasks: Strategic development of existing and new markets,
    optimization of product portfolio


The AMAG Austria Metall AG supervisory board has extended the contract with Victor

Breguncci before the end of the initial contract period. Victor Breguncci will therefore

head AMAG's sales agenda for another four years. Together with his sales team, he will

concentrate on the strategic development of existing and new markets and on optimizing

the product portfolio in the market for high-quality aluminum products.


Victor Breguncci has been part of the AMAG Executive Board team, consisting of CEO

Gerald Mayer and COO Helmut Kaufmann, since June 2019.

Image 1: AMAG Chief Sales Officer Victor Breguncci, member of the Executive Board since June 2019
Image 2: AMAG Austria Metall AG Executive Board team (fLTR): Chief Sales Officer (CSO) Victor Breguncci, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Gerald Mayer and Chief Operations Officer (COO) Helmut Kaufmann
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