Companies’ social engagement respectively corporate citizenship is demonstrated in many ways – whether as a responsible company that supports the corporate environment through donations and sponsorship, or in participation in initiatives, associations and interest groups to share knowledge and contribute to the development of standards. AMAG cooperates with industry and aluminium associations in order to create a level playing field in aluminium production, among other objectives. It also supports the development of international framework legislation on climate change and greenhouse gas emissions, and actively participates in the debate on solutions to these challenges. Furthermore, AMAG is actively involved in initiatives aimed at promoting the recycling of aluminium and material responsibility.


AMAG contributes to the promotion of the common good through the deployment of financial resources, material donations and donations in kind, personal involvement and voluntary initiatives, and fulfils its social responsibility as a leading company in the region. The building blocks include donations, sponsoring and the commitment of employees.


Donations and sponsoring are used especially to support organisations and initiatives that serve the common good and are in line with AMAG’s code of conduct and anti-corruption guidelines. Sponsoring activities are conducted in accordance with the “Corporate Communications and Public Relations” guidelines.


A target group-oriented approach is adopted when carrying out sponsoring measures. Processing and approval are handled by the Group Communications function. All donations and sponsorship payments are properly documented in sufficient detail. The final decision to conduct fundraising and sponsorship activities rests with the CEO.


AMAG aims to have a positive impact on society in the region with its four project areas of education, social affairs, sports and culture. The funding projects are geared to long-term impacts. The development and further training of children, young people and adults is promoted as part of educational sponsorship.


A multitude of projects in the social area are supported, also as part of the AMAG Social Prize. A further part of the spending is devoted to sport, in particular youth development and local sporting events. Various cultural institutions are supported as part of cultural sponsorship. Employees are encouraged to support responsible and sustainable behaviour by becoming socially involved as part of the annual AMAG Social Award. The main aim is to highlight the value of voluntary work. Employees are invited to submit social projects for consideration by an independent jury which decides whether to provide support. The key criterion is that aid should directly benefit disadvantaged individuals or people in need within the region. Support is given in the form of financial or in-kind donations to organisations (such as hospitals or nursing homes) or individuals.


For more informations, please see annual report 2021.


Target 2021: 

  • Continuous and systematic analysis of stakeholder issues and expectations

Central measures:

In the 2021 reporting year, the AMAG Social Prize was presented for the fourteenth time.

In total, the AMAG Social Prize 2021 generated around EUR 24,000 in support for social projects in the region. In addition to the winning project, which supports the palliative work of the Red Cross in Braunau, four further social projects were approved for implementation. These include:

  • The purchase of a handicapped-accessible cot 
  • Setting up the premises for afternoon care for kindergarten and primary school children in the municipality of St. Johann am Walde
  • The purchase of a climbing hexagon for the Munderfing primary school to create outdoor exercise opportunities for the children
  • The assumption of the costs for a “Children’s Lab” in the Handenberg kindergarten, where children can engage in research and experimentation


AMAG’s digitalisation initiative at schools represented an important contribution to educational sponsoring. Compulsory and secondary schools in Braunau, Ranshofen and Neukirchen an der Enknach were supported with modern hardware (laptops, tablets, whiteboards) and services (increased Internet bandwidth).


In total, around EUR 60,000 was spent on digitalisation in the training sector in the 2020-2021 period. A large part of the support in the sports area was devoted to the regional sports club WSV-ATSV Ranshofen.


2022 target / medium term:

Developing the region through community and social investment:

  • Balanced scope of donations and sponsoring expenditure in the areas of education, science and research, social affairs, sports and culture in the vicinity of the company’s headquarters


Approximately EUR 87,000 in support payments were made in the 2021 financial year.

A total of 36 % of donations and sponsorship spending went to the social sector, and around 32 % of support went to education and 29 % to sports. Only 3 % of donations and sponsorship activities went to the cultural sector due to the cancellation of cultural events in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.