Social commitment

Strong together – that’s who we are.

Community Relations

We tackle challenges together.

AMAG is not only firmly anchored in the region as an attractive employer but is also an important partner when it comes to voluntary projects. For example, the company supports various initiatives and events in the areas of education, social affairs, sports, and culture by making donations and through sponsoring. In this way, AMAG Austria Metall AG wishes to express its appreciation for the voluntary activities of its employees.

In addition, the Social Prize is awarded annually to projects whose aim is to support disadvantaged people or those in need throughout the region. In 2022, the Social Award was presented for the 15th time - this time, among others, to the search dog rescue team of the Red Cross Braunau and to the workshop of a local charity in Mauerkirchen.

AMAG forum

Das wöchentlich mehrmals mit Mitarbeiter:innen besetzte Forum bietet den Rahmen für den Austausch mit den Menschen aus der Region und bietet regelmäßig die Möglichkeit, interessante Fachvorträge etwa zu Themen wie Recycling, Kreislaufwirtschaft und Biodiversität zu besuchen.
The forum, which is staffed several times a week by employees, provides a framework for interaction with people from the region, and regularly offers the opportunity to attend interesting lectures on topics such as recycling, circular economy, and biodiversity.

Regional Value Creation

Value added on site.
Through its entrepreneurial activities, AMAG Austria Metall AG makes a significant contribution to regional value creation in the area surrounding the company's location and creates added value for the local population and supplier companies in the Innviertel region.

Dipl. -Ing. Dr, Marlis Zöhrer