AMAG offers an extensive selection of patterns and alloys for a wide variety of applications - trucks and trailers, wind turbines, marine applications, access hatches, dock boards, production halls and machinery, ...

The AMAG advantage

  • Wide range of patterns: Diamond, Duet, Quintet, HighGrip, AMAG TopGrip®
  • 5xxx and 6xxx alloys
  • AMAG TopGrip® - unsurpassed slip resistance worldwide
  • Bar heights: 0.2 - 2.4 mm
  • Pickled and non-pickled
  • Large widths
  • Premium quality for best slip resistance or decorative applications

AMAG - a reliable partner

AMAG is one of the leading manufacturers and a long-term preferential partner of OEMs, traders and service centers in the tread segment. Our customers appreciate our broad product portfolio, the unique slip resistance of AMAG TopGrip® as well as our personal customer service.

AMAG - the right choice

  • Excellent service and support
  • The most advanced, leading edge technologies matched by extensive manufacturing and processing expertise
  • Consistent, top-notch product quality
  • Outstanding delivery reliability
  • Experienced technology partner
  • Extensive accreditations


- unsurpassed slip resistance

When the best possible slip resistance is essential, there is only one choice: AMAG TopGrip®!

Tread plates with the AMAG TopGrip® pattern – a special AMAG development - are the only plates in the world achieving a slip resistance value of R 11 (R 12 in pickled surface). With a pattern height of 2.4mm, AMAG TopGrip® offers superior slip resistance for the most demanding applications.

In addition, the unique AMAG TopGrip® pattern is a popular alternative for decorative applications where more than classic designs are called for.

The unique TopGrip pattern
The design version of the TopGrip pattern: pickeled and with low bars


AMAG TopGrip®

  • Unique design
  • 0,094" bar height
  • The safe choice for the most demanding traction applications 


  • Reliable, classic C-102 pattern
  • Well-established tread products for slip-resistance in the transportation, handling equipment and water treatment sectors


  • Single high bar design, C-300 pattern
  • Particularly suitable for livestock transport thanks to improved skid resistance and rounded
  • Pattern height: 0.079"

2 Bar

  • Reliable, classic design
  • Grip and durability you can rely on

5 Bar

  • Reliable, classic design
  • Ideal bending capacity and corrosion resistance for a wide range of everyday applications