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AMAG TITANAL ranks as the world leader in high performance alloys for sports applications. TITANAL is characterized in particular by its optimized formability in the soft state and its excellent adhesiveness.

TITANAL is used, among other things, for belting and strapping skis, the manufacture of ski bindings as well as ski and hiking poles.

AMAG TITANAL offers the very best for each and every application:

Mountaineering articles and binding componentsSkisSki- and Nordic walking sticks
  • Formability
  • Strength after heat treatment by the customer
  • Anodizing capability
  • Strength
  • Special Al e-module
  • Isotropic properties
  • H3PO4 anodised layer
  • Bonding capacity
  • Strength after heat treatment by the customer
  • Weldability (HF)