AMAG holds a 20% interest in the Alouette smelter in Canada which relies solely on hydro-electric power in the production of primary aluminum in the following grades:


  • P1020A - Al 99,70
  • P0610A - Al 99,80
  • P0406A - Al 99,85
  • P0404A - Al 99,90

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Sustainable & efficient

The Alouette electrolysis facility is the largest in the Americas, while at the same time boasting an excellent energy consumption and CO2 emission balance. Alouette’s energy requirements are covered to 100% by hydropower generated electricity.

- uncompromising sustainability

AMAG is your preferential partner for sustainably produced aluminum.

With a 75 - 80% share of recycled material in the raw material sourced and considering the broad product portfolio, AMAG is the world leader in recycling. And if that's not enough, we also offer special materials with a recycled content of 90% or more on request.

Thanks to its excellent energy and CO2 balance, Alouette complements our sustainable supply of raw materials and enables us to offer end-to-end "green" aluminum.


Do you want 100% sustainable aluminum?

We are ready to make it happen!