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AMAG casting is not only regarded as a reliable supplier of high-quality cast alloys, but also offers its customers technological support and committed cooperation in development projects. Extensive know-how, technological expertise, years of experience in the field of wrought and casting alloys combined with the excellent infrastructure at the Ranshofen location (trial foundry, REM, TEM, EBSD, etc.) enable optimal customer and project support.



Customer benefit

Alloy AlSi9Cu3
Effects of the main alloy elements with regard to mechanical and casting properties
Performance optimisation of alloy AlSi9Cu3 with the AMAG TopCast® AlloyDesigner
High-temperature strength of AlSi alloys
Heat strength compendium (effects of various alloy elements on high-temperature strength)
Performance optimisation of heat-resistant alloys with the AMAG TopCast® AlloyDesigner, including heat-resistant factor
Alloy AlSi9Cu3
Ductile AlSi casting alloy with medium strength
Substitution of primary casting alloys for special application areas
Alloy group AlSi10
Recycling alloys for structural and chassis applications
Significantly improved CO2 balance thanks to the highest possible scrap utilization rate. Substitution of primary alloys with recycling versions possible depending on the application.