AMAG casting offers all standard cast alloys as well as customized special products in the form of liquid aluminum, ingots and sows. In particular, AMAG casting is characterized by the high share of recycled materials and its expertise in the realization of closed loop concepts.

The AMAG advantage

  • Just-in-time liquid aluminum
  • Sustainably produced primary aluminum
  • Alloy Designer for the development of tailored alloys
  • The most advanced, leading edge casting plants
  • Closed loop concepts
  • Expertise in LME hedging and exchange trading
  • A single source partnership

AMAG - a reliable partner

AMAG casting is your reliable, preferential partner for innovative casting alloys, sustainable production and superior total cost of ownership concepts. Our customers particularly appreciate our committed, close cooperation and our personal customer service.

AMAG - the right choice

  • Excellent service and support
  • Advanced, leading edge technology matched by extensive manufacturing and processing expertise
  • Consistent, top-notch product quality
  • Outstanding delivery reliability
  • Wide range of OEM qualifications
  • Experienced technology partner
  • Extensive accreditations


AMAG casting is not only regarded as a reliable supplier of high-quality cast alloys, but also offers its customers technological support and committed cooperation in development projects. Extensive know-how, technological expertise, years of experience in the field of wrought and casting alloys combined with the excellent infrastructure at the Ranshofen location (trial foundry, REM, TEM, EBSD, etc.) enable optimal customer and project support.



Customer benefit

Alloy AlSi9Cu3
Effects of the main alloy elements with regard to mechanical and casting properties
Performance optimisation of alloy AlSi9Cu3 with the AMAG TopCast® AlloyDesigner
High-temperature strength of AlSi alloys
Heat strength compendium (effects of various alloy elements on high-temperature strength)
Performance optimisation of heat-resistant alloys with the AMAG TopCast® AlloyDesigner, including heat-resistant factor
Alloy AlSi9Cu3
Ductile AlSi casting alloy with medium strength
Substitution of primary casting alloys for special application areas
Alloy group AlSi10
Recycling alloys for structural and chassis applications
Significantly improved CO2 balance thanks to the highest possible scrap utilization rate. Substitution of primary alloys with recycling versions possible depending on the application.

Just-in-time liquid aluminum

Lower costs with liquid aluminum

The use of AMAG just-in-time liquid aluminum eliminates the need for melting. This saves energy, prevents material burn-up and ensures the ultimate quality levels.

In addition, our customers benefit from optimized logistics and working capital costs, as well as the ability to carry out adjustments quickly and flexibly.

Mobile tilting station - flexible and secure

The mobile, hydraulic tilting station opens up new possibilities for our customers in terms of productivity gains and cost savings. The tilting station can be transported quickly and flexibly to customers and assembled on site, usually within 2-3 days. Installation and handling are performed smoothly. An AMAG technician is at hand to supervise and accompany the introductory phase.





Advantages of the mobile tilting station

  • Transport with standard truck
  • Space-saving and standardized block construction
  • Temperature state maintained for hours and even for days thanks to natural gas burner
  • Use of liquid aluminum without waiting and preparation times

- uncompromising sustainability

AMAG is your preferential partner for sustainably produced aluminum.


With a 75 - 80% share of recycled material in the raw material sourced and considering the broad product portfolio, AMAG is the world leader in recycling. And if that's not enough, we also offer special materials with a recycled content of 90% or more on request.

Thanks to its excellent energy and CO2 balance, Alouette complements our sustainable raw material supply with primary aluminium, thereby enabling us to offer end-to-end "green" aluminum.


AMAG is committed to the circular economy.

Do you want closed loops? We are ready to make it happen!


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