AMAG aluminum impresses with its impermeability to light, gases and moisture in the use of flexible laminates for technical applications as well as for the packaging of food and beverages.

Thanks to its many positive properties in the packaging sector, aluminum foil saves more resources during its service life than are needed for its production. In addition, aluminium foil can be recycled and is ideal for implementing closed loop concepts.

The AMAG advantage

  • The most advanced, leading edge plant facilities
  • Max. width 2.200 mm
  • Excellent flatness ensured by six-high cold rolling mill
  • Ready to meet the most challenging specifications

AMAG - a reliable partner

Our long-standing partnerships with major industry players such as Constantia Flexibles are based on close cooperation and joint growth.

AMAG - the right choice

  • Excellent service and support
  • The latest, advanced technologies matched by extensive manufacturing and processing expertise
  • Consistent, top-notch product quality
  • Outstanding delivery reliability
  • Experienced technology partner
  • Extensive accreditations

- Superior sustainability

AMAG is your preferential partner for sustainably produced aluminum.


With a 75 - 80% share of recycled material in the raw material sourced and considering the broad product portfolio, AMAG is the world leader in recycling. And if that's not enough, we also offer special materials with a recycled content of 90% or more on request.

With its excellent energy and CO2 balance Alouette complements our sustainable raw material supply with primary aluminium, thereby enabling us to provide all-round "green" aluminum.


AMAG is committed to the circular economy.

Do you want closed loops? We are ready to make it happen!