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The AMAG advantage

  • Increased formability and superplastic forming with AMAG TopForm SPF and AMAG TopForm UHS
  • Roping free
  • Improved hemmability
  • Fast hardening with maximum strength
  • EDT surfaces
  • Dry lubrication
  • Advanced, leading-edge passivation
  • Extended yield strength
  • Sustainability and closed loop - AMAG green
  • Superior crash performance
  • AMAG TopClad brazing materials with the tightest tolerances, mulitlayer (also asymmetrical) and UHS - learn more
  • AMAG TopCast FAST: Just-in-time liquid aluminum and customized foundry alloys - learn more
  • AMAG AL4 trim interior trim components with unique gloss levels, texture and feel
  • Large widths