Lighter. Safer. Greater refinement and sophistication. AMAG delivers outstanding products and performance in the automotive sector. Whether aluminum for outer skin, structural parts, chassis, powertrains, heat exchangers or trim parts, AMAG offers customized solutions for the most demanding applications.

The AMAG advantage

  • Increased formability and superplastic forming with AMAG TopForm SPF and AMAG TopForm UHS
  • Roping free
  • Improved hemmability
  • Fast hardening with maximum strength
  • EDT surfaces
  • Dry lubrication
  • Advanced, leading-edge passivation
  • Extended yield strength
  • Sustainability and closed loop - AMAG green
  • Superior crash performance
  • AMAG TopClad brazing materials with the tightest tolerances, mulitlayer (also asymmetrical) and UHS - learn more
  • AMAG TopCast FAST: Just-in-time liquid aluminum and customized foundry alloys - learn more
  • AMAG AL4 trim interior trim components with unique gloss levels, texture and feel
  • Large widths

AMAG - a reliable partner

AMAG is your reliable premium partner for joint growth and innovation. Our expertise is reflected by long-standing partnerships with renowned European and American OEMs, while committed personal customer service sets us off from competitors in all areas.

AMAG - the right choice

  • Excellent service and support
  • The most advanced, leading edge technologies matched by extensive manufacturing and processing expertise
  • Consistent, superior product quality
  • Outstanding delivery performance
  • Wide range of OEM qualifications
  • Experienced technology partner
  • Extensive accreditations


Optimized formability thanks to AMAG's TopForm alloys.


Fielding its TopForm SPF materials, AMAG is offering the unique potential worldwide to ensure superplastic forming on large-scale industrial plants to consistent quality levels. Our customers benefit from the production of considerably more complex geometries or entire assemblies from one sheet.

AMAG TopForm UHS offers excellent formability with enormous strength, making it ideal for structural applications. Thanks to AMAG's special casting, rolling and heat treatment processes, the best possible results are achieved in hot forging.

AMAG AL4 trim interior trims

AMAG AL4 trim trim parts for the vehicle interior impress with their unique gloss levels, texture and feel. OEMs such as Aston Martin, Audi, BMW, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen and Volvo rely on proven AMAG premium quality.


TopCast: innovative casting alloys for chassis and structure


Lightweight construction and the trend toward ever larger and more complex components are major challenges for the automotive industry and crucial for the establishment of electromobility. The AMAG casting is your innovative partner for consistent lightweight construction and the realization of complex castings.


AMAG casting is not only regarded as a reliable supplier of high-quality cast alloys, but also offers its customers technological support and cooperation in development projects. Extensive know-how, technological expertise, years of experience in the field of wrought and casting alloys combined with the appropriate infrastructure at the Ranshofen location (trial foundry, REM, TEM, EBSD, etc.) enable optimal customer and project support. 


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AMAG TopClad - brazing materials for vehicle heat exchangers

AMAG TopClad products are based on our many years of know-how in the field of roll cladding and impress with consistent premium quality. We offer multilayer materials, as well as LongLife and UltraHighStrength products.

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- Sustainability for the automotive industry

AMAG is your preferential partner for sustainably produced aluminum.


With a 75 - 80% share of recycled material in the raw material sourced and considering the broad product portfolio, AMAG is the world leader in recycling. And if that's not enough, we also offer special materials with a recycled content of 90% or more on request.


The Alouette Facility with its excellent energy and CO2 balance complements our sustainable raw material supply with primary aluminium, thereby enabling us to offer end to end "green" aluminum.


AMAG is committed to the circular economy.

Do you want closed loops? We are ready to make it happen!

Customer Accreditations

General Accreditations

  • Audi
  • BMW
  • Daimler / Mercedes
  • Fiat / Chrysler
  • Ford
  • General Motors
  • Renault / Nissan

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