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Architect: PPAG architects, Vienna, Austria


In Austria’s best restaurant, the Steirereck in Vienna, AMAG AL4 façade AP1 mirror has been selected for the indoor and outdoor areas – the perfect material for demanding and sophisticated architectural applications.


This additional architectural project represents a highly intriuging urban implementation of this AMAG material, which had already excelled in the sensational Louvre Lens museum project.


Embedded in the Stadtpark in Vienna, the trees and the blue of the sky are softly reflected in the aluminium panels on the exterior. Inconspicuous, but nevertheless full of life – this is the façade in which guests, passers-by and objects can be seen with the required level of defined clarity. This effect is also visible in the interior as a consistent design element.


In its concept for the reconstruction and refurbishment of one of the world’s best restaurants2), PPAG architects from Vienna focused on the further development of the AMAG AL4 façade AP1 to the AP1 mirror. The reflecting characteristics of this surface have been once again enhanced, thereby enabling further architectural product developments (AP stands for “architectural products”).


Top quality - in visible and invisible aspects.

Just like the glossy façade for the centre wing of the new hot rolling mill in Ranshofen, the AMAG AL4 façade AP1 mirror was surface-treated by Alanod from Ennepetal in Germany as weatherproofing.


In addition to the perfect surface quality of the AMAG AL4 façade AP1 mirror, the honeycomb panels produced by the Luxembourg-based company R-tech also feature outstanding flatness. For many decades, the design potentials available to architects opting for aluminium outdoors were restricted to matt surfaces. The positive response to new, exciting surfaces, a number of which are also capable of controlling daylight in buildings (AMAG AL4 façade AP daylight) is overwhelming – as could be expected.


Thanks to the AMAG AL4 façade AP series (see overview table on the next page), AMAG is able to support a wide range of architect’s design ideas by providing the most varied offerings of materials and surfaces. A new trend is emerging - and AMAG architectural sheets are at the very heart of the developments!


1) According to Falstaff/2014

2) According to “World‘s 50 Best Restaurants Awards“/2014

Photos: © Pierer