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Architect: FAKT, Berlin, Zürich




“Cloudscape“ featuring AMAG AL4 façade AP1 bright is an installation realised as part of the “Festival des architectures vives“ in June 2015 in the courtyard of Rue of the Trésoriers de la Bourse 6, in Montpellier. The “Cloudscape” installation by the FAKT architectural team was made out of AMAG AL4 façade AP1 bright. The project functions as a spatial structural experiment. Picking up on the image of a cloud, the elements of light and lightness formed the basic principles of this architecture.


The unique properties of AMAG AL4 façade AP1 bright brilliantly support the design ideas, as the high degree of reflectance contributes to the further dematerialisation of the structure. The structural perception of architecture is complemented by a strong physical presence of material and its changing visual properties. Themes such as lightness and soft edges are architecturally interpreted.

Reflections – mirroring the environment and responding to the most minute changes in weather, light and colour. Rain, for example, produces sounds, while adding additional reflective effects and setting the structure in slight motion.

Softness - the form is changing constantly. The thin aluminium sheets are constantly in subtle motion and respond to the wind and temperature changes.

Transparency – there is no clear limit to context, no defined interior or exterior, above or below. The constantly redefined visual dialogue between the object and the viewer, and a constant transformation of the courtyard with the change of light and shadows play on the façades and the ground.

AMAG AL4 façade AP1 bright - the material for impressive ART-architecture.

Foto: © Giulio Boem