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Following on from the sensational Louvre museum project in Lens, France, the cross wing of AMAG’s new hot rolling mill in Ranshofen was also designed with AMAG AL4 façade AP1 mirror. The implementation of this project was a challenging task for all participants given that the aim was to realizing something entirely new.


Joining forces with Alanod and Brucha, AMAG succeeded in creating a product that meets special architectural demands. We used our own raw material, Al 99.5%, clad with Al 99.85%, anodizing quality 126.1, bright, H18 temper, with a width of 1245.50 mm and a material thickness of 0.7 mm, as a starting material for the project.


The 6,800 m² cladding for the new rolling mill was treated by Alanod GmbH & Co. KG at its Ennepetal location by a finishing process for façade products meeting the highest quality standards. Here, the anodizing process is combined with a painting process.


The highly transparent sol-gel coating system is extremely hard and durable. The resulting product is highly formable and features a specular surface impressing with excellent weathering and scratch resistance. Brucha opted for this starting material to manufacture panels with a core thickness of 150 mm and an exterior shell of mirror-finish aluminium. This resulted in an extravagant and unique design object, the BRUCHA Paneel®, marking the first time that panels with an exterior aluminium shell have been produced. The BRUCHA Paneel® draws on decades of experience in panel production.


Consequently, the façade of the new Ranshofen rolling mill is an extraordinary example of how various manufacturing processes work together in an innovative manner, based on a product developed by AMAG for architectural applications – a genuine architectural highlight!

Photos: © AMAG