Architecture and Research - Self-Illuminating!

Architect: Archgroup Landskron ZT GmbH, Linz, Austria


Aluminium plays a central role in the color and material design concept of the AMAG CMI Building (CMI = Center for Material Innovation). It is a key element in the CMI entrance area in particular and clearly establishes the material reference to AMAG. The viewer's gaze is drawn to the dark facade of the base building and floor-to-ceiling facade glazing made of aluminium profiles.


In the main viewing area on the ground floor is a bicycle rack, clad with reflective aluminium sheets from the AMAG architectural sheet range. This special material, AMAG AL4® architecture AP1, has already been applied to well-known buildings over the world.


It is a very sensuous material and reflects its surroundings in a velvety soft mirror image whose focus becomes softer or sharper depending on the distance to the observer. Its unique surface creates a sense of spatial depth that has not been observed in any other metallic surface.



 Fotos: © AMAG