Forgery-proof Quality Certificates – the use of the QR code on the AMAG Quality Certificates (Mill Test Reports).

In order to give our customers the certainty that our Quality Certificates on paper (or pdf) are genuine, unadulterated and actually come from AMAG, there is a QR code on the top right of these.

The following steps can be taken to verify the authenticity of the quality results:


Step 1: Scan the QR code

A file is downloaded that contains  the quality report in the standardized electronic format according to DINSPEC 9012 (


Step 2: Verify this file

Now it can be checked whether this file is actually notarized by AMAG using blockchain. To do this, the file is uploaded to the blockchain's verification website . The result obtained provides information about whether and when AMAG actually issued this document and - if the result is positive - that it has not been changed since that time.


Step 3: Read and display the data

The e-coc-converter/viewer ( is used to check whether the data visible on the quality result is actually that that AMAG has measured, checked and created. By selecting "convert e-coc-structured json to pdf" and uploading the file obtained in step 1, the real, unadulterated quality-certificate in pdf form is generated from the file checked in step two and can be compared with the present document.


Thus, counterfeits of quality findings can be reliably detected at the slightest doubt.